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Volunteer of the Month

KindlebergerVolunteer of the Month of August, 2015: Jim Kindelberger

The PNGA is happy to honor Jim Kindelberger as the Volunteer of the Month for the month of August, 2015.

Jim was on hand at the PNGA Junior Girls’ Championship at RedHawk Golf Course in Nampa, Idaho. He played a pivotal role to the championship by coordinating the volunteers for the week and working a few of the volunteer positions himself, including player registration and driving player shuttles. Jim was an essential figure in making the PNGA Junior Girls’ Championship a success. Thanks for all of your help, Jim!

Volunteers of the Month of July, 2015: Ron Nelson, Jane Sossamon, & Missy Cartmell

Ron Nelson & Jane Sossamon:

The PNGA would like to show their appreciation to Ron Nelson and Jane Sossamon by honoring them as the Volunteers of the Month for the tireless work they put in during a long stretch of PNGA Championships in July.

Ron and Jane traveled all the way to Sunriver, Oregon to work all six days of the PNGA Men’s Amateur Championship as Rules Officials. Each of these were very long days that included officiating 36 holes of golf, refereeing extra holes, and waiting out numerous weather delays.

Ron and Jane then traveled on to Richland, Washington to work all four days of the PNGA Men’s Master-40 Amateur Championship at Meadow Springs Country Club.  Again they showed their willingness to help out by not only volunteering as Rules Officials but also filling in other positions to monitor Pace of Play and take scores for live updates.

This amazing 10-day run that Ron and Jane put in was essential to help the PNGA run our championships. The commitment to spend their own money on travel and accommodation, in order to work full days and help the PNGA in any way possible is vital to the PNGA and we cannot thank them enough.

Missy Cartmell:

Missy Cartmell put in a lot of hard work to make the PNGA Men’s Master-40 run smoothly. She spent time working the registration table and shouldered the burden of finding Spring Meadows CC members to volunteer for the championship. A lot of work went on behind the scenes on Missy’s behalf and the PNGA greatly appreciates everything she did. Missy is another exemplary volunteer that the PNGA is thankful to have!

Volunteers like Ron and Jane allow the PNGA to run our events to the high standards competitors have come to expect. Thank you Ron, Jane, and Missy!


Co-Volunteers of the Month of June, 2015: John Schroeder & Bob Barr

With great appreciation the PNGA honors John Schroeder and Bob Barr as the PNGA Volunteers of the Month for June, 2015.

John Schroeder:

John Schroeder donated much of his time and resources to travel from Spokane to Walla Walla in order to help the PNGA conduct the PNGA Senior and Super Senior Men’s Amateur Championship at Wine Valley Golf Club. Over the years John has been a major asset to amateur golf in the area by providing his passion and knowledge of the Rules to officiate in championships and qualifiers throughout the region.

Bob Barr: 

Bob Barr also gave a great deal of his time in Walla Walla to help conduct the PNGA Senior and Super Senior Men’s Amateur Championship. Bob put in several long days of volunteering as a pace of play and live scoring official while visiting friends in the area. Bob was volunteering with the PNGA for his first time, and we hope to see him again in the future! Dedicated volunteers like John and Bob are what the PNGA relies on, and we thank them for their hard work and generosity!

Volunteer of the Month of September, 2014: Cathy Kay

Cathy Kay

Cathy Kay is awarded the honor of Pacific Northwest Golf Association Volunteer of the Month for September, 2014.

Cathy played an integral role in September’s PNGA Men’s and Women’s Senior Team Championship. The tournaments, held in Sunriver, Ore. at the Sunriver Resort’s Meadows and Woodlands course took place over five days. Cathy, a USGA certified Rules Official was on hand for every round of each championship. This was essential during the final day of the Women’s Championship, and first day of the Men’s Championship, which were held concurrently, stretching the efforts of the PNGA a little thin.

Cathy brings a bright and energetic personality with her wherever she goes, and her outgoing and friendly persona is something that the PNGA is extremely proud of. Thank you, Cathy!


Volunteer of the Month of August, 2014: Andrew Tedesco

Andrew Tedesco

Andrew Tedesco is the Pacific Northwest Golf Association Volunteer of the Month for August, 2014.

Andrew played a vital role in August’s Pacific Northwest Junior Girls’ Amateur Championship. With the PNGA Staff split at two locations for the Girls’ and Boys’ Championships, Andrew stepped up and took on extra responsibilities at the event. Andrew, a Rules Apprentice is working his way towards becoming a USGA certified Rules Official. He plans to take attend a USGA Rules Workshop and take the test this year. At the PNGA Junior Girls’ Andrew did everything from monitoring pace of play, to updating live scores, and even walked with one of the final matches to maintain hole-by-hole scores.

The Pacific Northwest Golf Association looks forward to having Mr. Tedesco at many more Championships to come. Thank you, Andrew!


Volunteer of the Month of July, 2014: Ben Stodghill

Ben Stodghill

Ben Stodghill is the Pacific Northwest Golf Association Volunteer of the Month for the month of July, 2014. Ben is one of the most decorated PNGA Volunteers and Board Members in the organization’s history. He has worked tirelessly at many PNGA championships this year, including the Pacific Northwest Senior Men’s Amateur Championship, the Pacific Northwest Men’s Master-40, and the Pacific Northwest Junior Boy’s Amateur Championship. In July, Ben travelled to Pullman, Wash. to volunteer for the entire week at the Pacific Northwest Men’s Amateur Championship. Ben works primarily as a starter on the first tee at PNGA Championships, where his charm and good humor are on display every morning. He takes a professional, yet fun atmosphere wherever he goes, and this presence on the first tee is something that helps PNGA Championships run so well. Ben has a relentless work ethic, and helps out in any way that he can when on the road at a PNGA Championship.

Ben has been involved with the PNGA since 1988 when he first became a Club Representative. Since 2006 Ben has been the Chairman of the PNGA Championship Committee, and has been a Vice President on the Executive Committee since 2010. This year, Ben was honored with the PNGA Distinguished Service Award for his unparalleled commitment to the Association. Thank you, Ben!


Volunteer of the Month of June, 2014: Ron Nelson and Jane Sossamon

Ron Nelson and Jane Sossamon

The PNGA is pleased to announce Ron Nelson and Jane Sossamon as the Volunteers of the Month for June, 2014. Ron and Jane have continued to contribute their expertise to many championships and USGA Qualifiers. Their willingness to travel anywhere to serve as Rules Officials has proven their dedication to amateur golf in the Pacific Northwest.

This month, Ron and Jane made the drive to Brasada Ranch in Bend, Ore. for the PNGA Senior Men’s Amateur Championship. Even with Jane coming off of shoulder surgery, the two of them did not hesitate to offer their time to help out for the entire championship week. They also made the trip to Palouse Ridge in Pullman, Wash. for the PNGA Men’s Amateur Championship and worked four days before driving to The Home Course in DuPont, Wash. to officiate at the US Women’s Amateur Public Links Championship.

Ron and Jane are dependable and knowledgeable Rules Officials, always remaining level-headed and fair when dealing with the Rules of Golf. Their support and effort are a big reason why our championships are a success!


Volunteer of the Month of May, 2014: Ray Monroe

Ray Monroe

Ray Monroe is the Pacific Northwest Golf Association Volunteer of the Month of May, 2014. After working primarily as a course rater, Ray was awarded the George Holland Award as the Washington State Golf Association Volunteer of the Year in 2012. This year, Ray has offered more of his time at Championships, and his expertise and unrivalled enthusiasm was on display at the PNGA Master-40 tournament the Prospector Course at Suncadia Resort in Cle Elum, Washington.

The five-day medal and match play event went without a hitch, partly because of Ray’s uplifting attitude and spirit that never leaves his persona. Ray is an all-star on the first tee as a starter, mainly because of this kind and friendly demeanor among all that cross his path.

Ray excels as a volunteer because of his love for the game, and because he conducts himself as a professional where it counts most. Ray’s place on the first tee is crucial to the conduction and overall outcome of a PNGA Championship. The information he provides to players about the course conditions and local rules is essential to keep everyone on a level playing field, something he handles professionally and effectively. The added personal touch Ray provides in the conversation and interaction with the players exceeds the norm, and sets Ray apart. We appreciate his help greatly!


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