Beyond Golf – The No. 1 way to improve your focus and your golf score

While golf may not be as physically demanding as sports such as football, basketball, or tennis, no other sport can compare to the mental and emotional focus that golf demands. In fact, one of the most – if not the most – important element of your golf game is your brain.

Boomer Brain Health

Boomer Brain Health


Don’t Choke Under Pressure

I remember my first round of golf. The day was hot, and the course seemed long. I was with my boss and trying (unsuccessfully) to negotiate a raise. I lacked the focus I needed to simply hit my ball and was overwhelmed by the complexity of executing a perfect swing. My brain needed a break, and I needed a nap.


As the most powerful organ in your body (it consumes 20 percent of the body’s energy), your brain is central to your life, health, and also to your golf game. But, just like the rest of your body, it ages. And the aging process can lead to brain fog, sluggish mental energy, lack of clarity, or problems focusing. Unfortunately, all of these issues affect your performance both on – and off – the golf course. So, what can you do to live – and play – as healthy and vibrantly as possible?


The “A” Game for Your Brain

Consider the words of René Descartes: I think, therefore, I am. If we are unable to think, then what are we? Preserving (even improving) your senses, your mental sharpness, and your memory are possible; in fact, it’s pretty painless.

Motion blur golfers hit sweeping and keep golf course in the summer for relax time

Motion blur golfers hit sweeping and keep golf course in the summer for relax time


Energy, clarity, and focus are essential components for teeing off, putting under par or even sinking that elusive hole-in-one. So, why not give your brain – and game – a boost?


Formulated by board-certified neurosurgeon Dr. Larry McCleary, Boomer Brain Health has been clinically tested and shown to:

  • Enhance Focus
  • Increase Concentration and Alertness
  • Boost Energy
  • Elevate Mood
  • Improve Memory

Boomer Brain Health is packed with nearly 50 powerful brain-boosting nutrients and anti-oxidants necessary to help fight free radicals, decrease inflammation, and enhance your brain’s energy, function, and focus. Boomer Brain Health is a patented, clinically-tested, potent supplement that helps restore your brain to its optimal performance levels.


Your Brain’s Caddie

Just like your caddie supports your best round, Boomer Brain Health helps your brain receive the nutrients it needs to function at peak performance levels. Imagine being on the ninth hole without worrying about the stressful presentation you have coming up at work, or the fight you just had with your significant other. Instead, you have unwavering focus and can concentrate on your game.


With Boomer, you’ll be playing at an advantage with the mental sharpness, speed, and acuity of a winner. Every golfer needs a good caddie. Let Boomer Brain Health help set you up for your best game ever.


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-Kelly Rasmussen