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With I'D Golf, loving the game starts with where you live – and play

‘Love Where You Golf’ is a motto that drives everyone at I’D Golf. Born and raised in southern Idaho, the apparel company’s founders began golfing together as youths, and in 2010 they decided to turn their passion for the game into their vocation.

During their many golf outings, I’D Golf evolved from an idea on the course into a business venture founded on the premise of providing quality golf clothing and accessories to make you look good, feel good, golf better – and, yes, help you love where you golf. Their products initially reflected their love for their home state of Idaho, and has since expanded throughout the Pacific Northwest. It is all about golf for them.

The philosophy behind #lovewhereyougolf is simple. It is centered around building friendships and creating camaraderie around the game of golf, getting to know your local pros and golf courses, taking good care of the course, teaching junior golfers the right way to play the game, and proper etiquette.

Golf courses spend a lot of time and money to keep the course in pristine condition for its golfers. I’D Golf’s goal is to inspire and challenge the Love Where You Golf community to fix your ball marks, replace your divots, rake your bunkers, pick up trash, and recycle when possible.

With this philosophy at heart, I’D Golf set out to design something unique that would highlight the beauty of every state – where you live. The apparel company’s Love Where You Golf Shield and Area Code Crossed Club designs are created to inspire fellow golfers while on the course.

They want friends, followers and fellow golfers to be able to proudly represent their love of the game while simultaneously representing the state they are golfing in or are from. Their Love Where You Golf products are not only stylish but serve as a reminder to fix an extra ball mark on the green, pick up some trash or rake the bunker while playing your favorite course.

To join I’D Golf’s Love Where You Golf community, use the hashtag #lovewhereyougolf. Instagram and Facebook are where they share most of their content, and you can find them there at @id_golf (Insta) and I’D Golf (FB). They also have TikTok, @idgolf, and have plans for that to be the platform where you will find their bloopers and other humorous content.

The founders of the Pacific Northwest brand I’D Golf – Nick, Derrick, Zack and Craig – would love to see you out on the course having a great time and wearing some Love Where You Golf apparel while you rake that bunker!