MAY 2019 | PACIFIC NORTHWEST GOLFER 27 These events are open to GHIN- carrying golfers of an IGA member club. The ISGA welcomes golfers from outside Idaho as well, with players coming from Utah, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, California, and even Alberta. To draw players from such a wide area, they must be doing something right, and worthwhile. For the third year in a row, the ISGA has seen an increase in the number of women players, and increasing their participation in their tournaments continues to be a high priority. Also, last year the ISGA had 23 golfers over the age of 80. Truly a game for a lifetime. Although many of the ISGA events are held in the Boise area, venues range as far north as McCall and down south to Jackpot, Nev., and over to Pocatello to the east. Formats for each event varies. Players earn points throughout the season, with prizes given, to men and women, for most points earned, and also for the season-long Most Avid Golfer award. The ISGA has also revived its hall of fame, with the initial inductee being, of course, Virginia Undhjem. print of our by-laws, it says, ‘All the volunteer time you can commit to,’” he said with a laugh. Cy Perkins had been president for a while, and had just had a pacemaker put in to keep his heart going. “I got a little nervous, because I realized I might be president soon.” But Perkins became his mentor. “Cy was around so long that the answer to every question was, ‘Just ask Cy.’ Well, I knew I wouldn’t be able to match that, so I made sure that when I became president it was just for one year.” By unofficial count, Perkins, who died at 98, shot his age 276 times. “We just play for the enjoyment of playing,” John says. “Just to get together and play with our buddies. It is a way of connecting our communities out here.” Article II of the by-laws of the Columbia Blue Senior Golf Association states, “The purpose of the CBSGA is to provide for periodic golfing activities for the golfing pleasure of its membership.” That’s just about right. The Morrow County Courthouse was built in 1903 and is one of the oldest continuously- used courthouses in Oregon. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. IDAHO SENIOR GOLFERS ASSOC. Duane Smith, Secretary 208.260.2743; EASTSIDE SENIOR GOLF ASSOC. Dale Counsell, President 541.910.4243 OREGON SENIOR GOLFERS ASSOC. Tim Milicich; MID-COLUMBIA SENIOR GOLF ASSOC. Brian Mullen, Tournament Coordinator 509.830.7548 MID-WASHINGTON SENIOR GOLF ASSOC. Dan Skaramuca, Membership Director 360.786.9700 INLAND EMPIRE SENIOR’S GOLF ASSOC. John Hanke, Tournament Chairman 509.434.9988; COLUMBIA BLUE SENIOR GOLF ASSOC. Tom Hoskot, President 541.626.1627 MCMINNVILLE SENIOR MEN’S GOLF CLUB Mark Vernon, Chairman 503.472.3613; Each senior association has a schedule of events to play in during the season, open to golfers age 50 and over. We will post these opportunities for senior golfers on the PNGA website ( If you know of other senior organizations that should be listed, please tell us by sending an email to or by calling the PNGA office at 253-214-2918. PLAYTIME IN IDAHO continued HAPPY TUNE continued