34 PACIFIC NORTHWEST GOLFER | MAY 2019 OF THE NORTHWEST YOU LOOK FORWARD TO THIS HOLE, WITHOUT REALLY UNDERSTANDING WHY. It is downhill to this short par 3, and the breeze is warm against your face. Don’t rush into things. Look at the Yakima River. Think about your life. You are on the far reaches of the course, with nothing but the expansive sky surrounding you, and your future somewhere over the next horizon. What you do now will be known only to yourself. The green is small but forgiving, and the right-side bunker is mounded but benevolent. There are many ways to play this, either running the ball up there or launching a dart. What suits your game? Stay a little longer on the tee. Take it in. Take one more breath. After finishing this hole, you’ll start making your way back to the clubhouse, and back to the rest of your life. There will be time for that later. Horn Rapids Golf Course Richland, Washington No. 13, Par 3 Black 200 yds Blue 172 yds White 156 yds Gold 136 yds Red 122 yds Aqua 122 yds GREAT ✪ HOLES