4 GOLF OREGON | MAY 2019 I F YOU’RE A FAN OF GOLF AT ALL, regardless of whether or not you normally root for Tiger Woods, you have to admit that this year’s Masters was probably one of the most exciting and memorable for a lot of reasons – the comeback from adversity; the familiar roars from the patrons; the side-by-side images, 22 years apart, of a father and son embracing at the 18th green. It all contributed to a captivating moment in history that was inspirational for the world of sport to behold. Tiger’s victory not only inspired those who play at the highest level, it inspired all who play the game. It captured the attention of the young, the not-so-young, the scratch players, the high handicappers, the no handicappers and the weekend warriors who don’t own a Rules book. And it inspired families who saw how profoundly deep a bond can be formed and passed on through generations by a game. Hopefully, you were also able to witness two other inspirational competitions that took place prior to the “big show” in Augusta this year: The inaugural Augusta National Women’s Amateur Championship and the Drive, Chip & Putt National Finals. Both of these showcased the best of the best in their respective categories – women amateurs from around the world, and junior golfers accompanied by their proud moms and dads, representing their geographic regions in a skills-challenge event. All combined, the three Augusta events captured our attention and highlighted one of the greatest things about golf – that it’s a game everyone can enjoy. In that vein, the OGA is committed to using that inspiration as a way of capturing the attention of a broader audience. As an OGA member, you probably know all about our core functions of administering the Rules, running championships and USGA qualifiers, rating golf courses and providing handicapping services. But what you may not realize is that we are constantly making efforts to diversify our offerings that will appeal to all audiences and add to their enjoyment. We are tailoring programs and services around different demographic sectors to meet the needs of all our customers. We realize one size doesn’t fit all and we are working hard to provide the experience that speaks to every individual who grips a club and makes a swing! Whether you are a beginning junior golfer, a high school or collegiate player, a young adult, a baby boomer or a The Tiger Effect senior, male or female, we have a membership experience that caters to you. If you like organized events, casual play, elite competitions or just playing with friends or family members without a scorecard in hand, we have you covered. The OGA provides opportunities to play, to progress, to compete (or not), to travel, to meet others and to have fun. Although April is The Masters, May is Oregon Golf Month! If you, too, were inspired by the events at Augusta, let’s keep the momentum going – play more, enjoy the outdoors, challenge yourself, inspire others to participate and capture their attention by pointing to all this great game, and your golf association, has to offer. From our OGA family to yours, we hope to see you out on the links soon! FROM THE OGA Barb Trammell OGA CEO GOT A QUESTION? WE’VE GOT ANSWERS! OREGON GOLF ASSOCIATION 2840 Hazelnut Dr. Woodburn, OR 97071 503.981.4653 OGA.org Scenes from the recent Drive, Chip & Putt National Finals