2 GOLF IDAHO | MAY 2019 IGA Celebrates 50 Years THIS YEAR MARKS 50 YEARS of membership, service, and championship golf administration in Idaho. Founded in 1969, the Idaho Golf Association has experienced plenty of peaks and valleys during its history, but enters its next 50 years with new life. As the state of Idaho continues to flourish, ranked one of the fastest growing states in the country, membership of the IGA and interest in golf continues to grow along with the population. At over 17,000 members in 2019, the IGA has its largest membership on record, surpassing its 2009 pre-recession peak of 16,600. The IGA is excited to see that growth, welcoming more competitive and casual golfers to the Gem State. With that growth the IGA has seen its Idaho Junior Tour expand to over 500 participants, over 30 days of competitive junior golf, and thanks to support from the Idaho Junior Golf Foundation and Rocky Mountain Section PGA, the launch of Youth On Course in Idaho. Speaking of junior golf, next year the IGA will play host to 72 top junior female players from 18 teams across the western U.S. and Canada, as Idaho will hold the 43rd Girls Junior America’s Cup on July 20-23, 2020. The IGA looks forward to showcasing Boise and its offerings for these elite junior players. With this great event comes a lot of planning and a large expense. The planning portion is what the IGA excels at and we are excited to conduct a world-class event here in Idaho at BanBury Golf Course next summer. With the 2020 GJAC in mind, as well as the increased membership of the IGA, we will be using the 50th Anniversary as a launching pad to raise funds for both the 2020 Girls Junior America’s Cup and the future health of the association. As announced in the previous issue of Pacific Northwest Golfer magazine, the IGA recently created a new position to expand our media and communication outreach. We are excited to welcome Sarah Beardsley to our staff. Sarah will be enhancing our digital, social, and email communication to all IGA members. In addition to championship and Junior Tour coverage, Sarah will post IGA member club event results on IdahoGA.org. Sarah can be reached at Sarah@idahoga.org. As we look toward the future, our staff size will need to increase to properly serve our membership. Proper staffing with handicap and membership support, championship support, and Junior Tour support will all become vital as the Gem State continues its exponential growth. We are excited to spend 2019 celebrating the IGA’s first 50 years, with planned functions, gifts, and recognition, but we are also excited about where the future will take us. If you would like to learn more about the IGA’s 50th anniversary and how to contribute, please visit IdahoGA.org/50th. Adam McCormick IGA Executive Director