18 GOLF WASHINGTON | MAY 2019 to Rainier, Macan’s designs include Inglewood, Broadmoor, Fircrest, Columbia Edgewater, and many others in British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and California. Impressed by Macan’s ideas, Rainier would go beyond the original scope of his work and ask him to re-design the second nine. Macan would make substantial changes to seven of the nine holes. Rainier members were happy with Macan’s results and they asked him to review the original nine holes for other possible modifications. Clearly unsatisfied with the original nine, Rainier continued to make changes to the greens and the routing of this nine in subsequent years. With the expenses of the new clubhouse and the course construction, combined with a slower growth in membership than they had hoped, Rainier was going through a difficult period. On March 9, 1924, Rainier invited its members to a “rock picking” contest. As the fairways on the new nine were being readied for its opening, members who picked the most rocks were offered prizes. Clubs would typically hire out labor for such tasks, but “rock picnics” were common among financially strapped clubs. On May 10, 1924, three and a half years in the making, the second nine at Rainier was finally and formally opened. By May 1925, the goal of 400 members was reached. Rainier Golf & Country Club 1936... ....and in 2015 On March 24, 2019, Rainier Golf and Country Club in Seattle held an official Opening Ceremony of their centennial year, at which they dedicated their new Centennial Clock. The club will be holding other events during this season, including home-and-home matches against Inglewood Golf Club, which is also celebrating their centennial. Rainier’s main celebration will be held August 17. Rainier was officially founded on March 11, 1919.