b'ON THE COVERTetherowCentral Oregon, now and foreverThe destinations array of quality golf has a life-long impact on everyone whos played themH ailey Ostrom, a 28-year-old golf professionalOne might not find Black and social media influencer from Bend, has noButte Ranchs 36 holes of doubt that Central Oregons golf courses played achampionship golf in Golf critical role in developing her game.Digests Top 100, for example. Its not just the quality of golf courses in CentralBut Big Meadow, a flagship of Oregon, says Ostrom, a current Cactus Tour playerRobert Muir Graves prodigious and former competitor on the Golf Channels showdesign portfolio, and Glaze Shotmakers. Its the high desert landscape itself,Meadow, which John Fought and the diversity of courses the land has fostered. redesigned in 2012 to be an Central Oregon golf is not easy golf, Ostromhomage to the Golden Era of said. The tree-lined fairways make you a bettergolf design, are easily two of player. I learned how to keep my drive in the fairwaythe regions favorites. I get to play some of the at a young age and I would say its one of the mostI think the main thing thatmost spectacular courses consistent parts of my game today. sets Central Oregon apartaround the world and it has Ostrom gushes when she talks about what itfor me, and I hear the sameshown me just how special was like growing up playing golf in Central Oregon.thing from my friends whothe courses in Central The regions best-known layoutsincludingcome to visit, is the diversityOregon really are.Sunriver Resorts Crosswater Club, Tetherow,of golf courses and designers, Hailey Ostrom and Pronghorns Nicklaus Courseare three ofalong with the views from so Golf Digests Top 100 in America. Whether it ismany different golf courses, the heathland-style beauty of Crosswater or thesays Brandon Kearney, a former tour professional wending fescue-lined links of Tetherow, each hasin Europe and Canada who moved from San Diego challenged some of the best players in the world. to Bend nearly two decades ago. The Cascades are And in a region with 29 golf courses and stretchesvisible from many of the courses, if not all, and we from the foot of the Cascade Range in the west to therange from desert golf such as Pronghorns Nicklaus heart of Oregons High Desert in the east, there is soand Fazio courses and Brasada Ranch, to more of a much more to discover.parkland feel in Sunriver. Its a special place.12PACIFIC NORTHWEST GOLFER| JUNE 2022'