b'Quinney hopes to help Oregonwatched the Ducks even when I players have a similar experience. was in the desert. Its nice to be It has been almost 25 yearshome. Oregon is a great brand to be since my freshman season and thepart of and Casey built a great golf game has changed, Quinney said.program here.The technology has changed.Quinney will learn on the job as When I got to college in 1997,he begins a coaching career. And they threw a club at you and therenow even more so. you go, but now everything isOn Friday, October 15, Martin had customized to your swing speed.his right leg amputated. These players are basically pros.Quinney won the OregonFor his entire life, Martin Amateur in 1998 and 2000, andsuffered from Klippel-Trenaunay-Jeff Quinney won the 2000 U.S. AmateurWeber syndrome, which restricted also won the PNGA Mens Amateur(pictured). He also twice won the PNGAcirculation in the lower portion of in 1998 and 2000. He was twiceMens Amateur (1998, 2000) and thehis right leg and made it virtually named the PNGA Mens Player ofOregon Amateur (1998, 2000), and wasimpossible for him to walk 18 the Year (1998 and 2000).twice named the PNGA Mens Player ofholes. Despite this, he competed Quinneys greatest golf momentthe Year (1998, 2000).on the Stanford mens golf team, came in 2000 when he won the U.S.and was a teammate of Tiger Amateur at Baltusrol Golf Club inWoods, which won the NCAA Springfield, N.J., defeating JamesQuinney recalled. I lost the lovenational team title in 1994. Driscoll in a 39-hole championshipof Monday qualifying. I felt like I match that lasted two days.was 22 again, but I was in my lateHis groundbreaking lawsuit citing 30s and I did not want to do thatthe Americans with Disabilities Being a U.S. Amateur champion,anymore. Act made it all the way to the U.S. thats a special group to belong to,Supreme Court, which voted 7-2 Quinney said. Every time you hearQuinney applied to regain hisin his favor in a 2001 decision, announcers on TV, they refer toamateur status when he stoppedallowing him to ride a cart while someone like Matt Kuchar as a U.S.playing competitively and iscompeting on the PGA Tour. Amateur champion. They can neverscheduled to be eligible for amateur take that away. events again in November 2021.Martin, 49, broke his right leg Quinney turned pro and wonHe went into real estate after histwo years ago, which eventually twice on the Canadian Tour beforefather, Bob, passed away in 2016.led to the decision to amputate claiming the 2004 Oregon ClassicWe had campus housing propertywhen being in a cast and a series of on the Nationwide Tour, held atat the University of Oregon, Quinneyinjections failed to heal the tibia.Shadow Hills Country Club insaid. My dad was an attorney andAfter the surgery on the 15th, Junction City, Ore., just outside ofreal estate guy so I wanted to getMartin was recovering at the Mayo his hometown.my license to know what we had inClinic in Rochester, Minnesota.He reached the PGA Tour in 2007assets as a family. Quinney will now take over the and posted five Top-10 finishes asQuinneys mom and threereins of Oregons mens golf team a rookie. Quinney remained on Tourbrothers still live in or arounduntil Martin recovers. through 2011 before returning toEugene along with friends fromAt the first part of the year, the Nationwide Tour, accumulatinghigh school. Although he graduatedI thought I would sit back and nearly $6 million in career earningsfrom ASU, Quinney grew up rootingobserve and answer questions, before he stopped playingfor the Ducks.he said. But with Martin now on professionally in 2015.I was always a huge Duck fan,the sidelines, Quinney has been I missed the second stage at Qhe said. We had season ticketsbumped to the top spot. Throw me School and lost my status on tour,for football and basketball. I stillinto the fire and see what happens.18PACIFIC NORTHWEST GOLFER| DEC 2021'