b'speaks that golfed with us, uponTodays cart-addicted golferStriding over the courses this stormy day. may be challenged in the latterundulations brings the golfer close Finishing a wind/rain/sleet/ holes of a round. Bandon is notto the course and adds respect for hail round bestows a wethe place to break in a new pairthe game in a way that scooting survived sense of pride that canof shoes. around in a cart cannot do.be taken to the Puffin Lounge forWalking the courses presents aGOLFa post-round toast. physical challenge but also addsWe havent even talked about the WALKING to the mystique. It makes youcourses. How good are the courses? respect the game more, connectsThe five 18s at Bandon all ranked Remember when golfers walkedyou with the feng shui of the courses and only old guys orcourses, and to the history of golf.in Golf Magazines 2021 Top 100 rich guys took carts? WalkingYou are often alone coming downCourses You Can Play survey. remains the rule at Bandon anda fairway, free to contemplateThe fairways are typically wide adds to the Bandon challenge,your shot, the setting, thebut when they end, it is often in especially when you get to themomentary solitude. You can seesand or dune grass or gorse banks third or fourth day of walking.other golfers and caddies, butor a cliff leading to the beach, (That is age speaking. Manythey are not near you. More oftennearly 100 feet below. The greens younger golfers, and a couple ofthan not, there is not a building inare big and fast with near-invisible the Brothers, will try to get in 36sight. (Did we mention there arebreaks. Having a caddie can be holes a day.)no homes lining the fairways?) a putt-saver. And when the wind CLICK TO VIEW THE FULL ARTICLE ONLINEDEC 2021 |PACIFIC NORTHWEST GOLFER29'