b'A Long Life, Well PlayedMac McGuire reaches 100 years, and still goingBY BOB BOSTWICKH is hands are meaty, callous, worn. His grip comes at you with friendly determination, a warm smile to go with it.His mind and those hands could still take apart and fix a V-configured, 12-cylinder Allison engine; clear as day, he can describe and define the five throttle positions in a Curtiss P-40 Warhawk fighter of World War II fame.All that, and much, much more.The first time I saw Cedrick Oneal Mac McGuire, I didnt quite see him at all.I saw the hat. The stitching sorta leaped out, Army Air Corps in gold letters.I am educated enough to know the name change to United States Air Force came in 1947.Without introduction, I blurted, How old are you?A bit startled, Mac replied, Well, Im 97. His other golf hat, by the way, reads WWII Veteran, also in gold letters.That encounter was three and a half years ago, along the first tee at Spokanes Downriver Golf Course. Mac played about 100 rounds that yearas he does every year since taking up the game in 1951. As it happened, I was a single, and paired with Mac that day. The questions and answers have not stopped since. My questions, his answers.Mac plays in a group called the Jackson First Sergeant MacBrowns (sic), a name picked out several McGuire, Armydecades ago to avoid tee time confusion. Air Corps, duringThree tee times at Downriver are typical World War II.Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are guaranteed. The group of 15-20, mostly retired, always plays the regular white tees.I will never play the gold (senior) tees, Mac said.If I ever have to play the golds, I will quit the game.The only other reason he would quit the game might be Mac celebrated his 100th birthday on February 1,because it could interfere with his bowling.2021. So, yes, he will be 101 in less than two months.At a smooth 100 years (101 coming in February), he can You will find him mostly at Spokanes Downrivershoot his age on occasion. The best round he ever scored, Golf Course, and mostly in the middle of the fairway. however, was a two-over par 74.When did he do that?Eight (Photo byBob Bostwick) years ago.He was 92.30PACIFIC NORTHWEST GOLFER| DEC 2021'