b'Twin Falls Muni, the boys played three holes on their way to the school bus. In the 1950s, the brothers would win eight of nine Idaho State Amateur championships. Dad was ornery, Babe said at a reception for the Mid-Amateur contestants last fall. If we didnt win, we didntJim (left) and Babe in want to come home. And DadSeptember 2021 at Crane didnt play a lick. Creek, holding the Hiskey Sonny became the firstFamily Cup. Hiskey to attend college. He ledIn September 2021, the Hiskey family held a reunion at Crane North Texas State to the NAIA golf championship, andCreek Country Club for the Idaho State Mid-Amateur, where they Jim would help power the University of Houston to threepresented the Hiskey Family Cup, the championships perpetual NCAA national golf titles.trophy, to winner Alan Barnhardt. By the time Babe joined Jim at Houston, though, the familys charmed life in golf had shattered.Washington, had created PING golf clubs in his garage, In March 1956, Sonny was fulfilling his military serviceand Babe got hooked. He was almost like a dad to me, as he prepared to play the PGA TOUR. In a night-time AirBabe said. Force training flight near Waco, Tex., his plane went down.He became one of the first tour players sponsored by He was 25.PING, and helped talk other players to try the equipment. I didnt know if I wanted to play golf anymore, JimBabes victory in the 1970 Sahara Invitational was the first recalled.for the PING K-1 irons.But by the mid-1960s, Babe was playing the PGAHe had earlier won the 1965 Cajun Classic, and TOUR full-time and Jim part-time, a schedule that limitedin 1972 he won the PGA TOURs National Team church attendance, which is why they formed the PGAChampionship with Zarley as his partner. Zarley, by then TOUR Bible Study group.an established tour player, had won the PNGA Mens On the tour, Babe struggled with his putting. InAmateur in 1962. desperation, he listened to an engineer sell him on theBabe played 15 years on the PGA TOUR and a handmade putters out of his car trunk. Karsten Solheim,decade on the PGA Senior Tour. He and wife Eunice who grew up in Seattle and attended the University ofnow live in Galveston, Tex., and have three children and six grandchildren. Jim is a mentor to golfers around ID GOLF the world and co-author of Choices of Champions: 8 Critical Decisions PNW Hats & Apparel Winners Make to Power through Adversity. He and wife Lorraine, who met as children in Twin Falls, now live in Annapolis, Md., and have three children, eight grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. USE CODE LWYG20 TO GETThey are now busy making 20% OFF ANY ITEM plans for their next family golf IDGOLF.COM reunion in Idaho.30PACIFIC NORTHWEST GOLFER| JUNE 2022'