b'I like being out in the fresh air, MacIn those war years, said.I like getting the exercise, and Imthe canal was arguably trying to get better all the time. the most strategically Mac was born and raised insignificant facility in the Noblesville, Indiana.He was graduatedPacific war, if not the world. from Noblesville High School, class ofJapanese plans to attack 1938. His father, victim of a rusty nail,it were drawn, but never died of blood poisoning when Mac wasaccomplished.three years old.A life of abject povertyIn uniform, Mac climbed was with him until he joined the Airin rank to First Sergeant, Corps in 1940, a year and a half afterserving as crew chief among high school. His mother raised fourthe P-40s.He later worked girls and three boys, Mac being theon the mighty P-47.second youngest. After the war and hisMac, crew chief, in Panama during Life was hard, he explains.Wemarriage, Mac and Mrs. NormaWorld War II with his Curtiss P-40 never had enough to eat and we neverMcGuire drove through Spokane whileWarhawk single-seat fighter plane. had enough decent clothes.Kids atlooking for a place to settle.They school were tough on me because weliked it, and their 49 years together were so poor and because I didnt have acontinued in a tidy house on SpokanesIn his free time, Macs been father at home.I didnt think I was smartnorth side.Mac still lives there; Normadropping an engine in a small RV, enough for college, but it didnt matter. passed in 1995. then installing a new radiator and There was no money for tuition.heater.Brakes were next.At his Macs transition from mechanics to100th birthday party last February, a Someone finally told me I shouldsales brought him a lifetime of successpandemic protocol event in his front consider the Army Air Corps.I did so,and rewards, including an all-expensesyard, the golf partners showed up, enlisted, and everything changed. trip for golf at Pebble Beach.Hetheir time limited to allow for Macs His love for tinkering with machinesparlayed his own hard work for thebowling team.led to an Air Corps assignment as anmeans to travel, including 16 trips toMac is amazing, just amazing, aircraft mechanic.He was good atHawaii and nine ocean cruises.All thatpipes Max Durall, Macs 87-year old it.Damn good, in fact. is on top of some 70,000 miles in afriend, and also among the Jackson Everything changed, hemotor home, and seeing the country upBrown group.Mac is my best friend; I repeats.I found out I was as goodclose and personal. talk to him every day.We got to know and as smart as the next guy. IHis life transformed slowly buteach other from Kiwanis and bowling finished training in the states in 1940,surely from that suffocating povertyin about 1975.I dont know how he and requested duty in Panama. of his youth.Mac became a Normandoes it, but he keeps going and he Life in Panama was simple his firstRockwell painting. gets things done.He even gets mad year, military service and working onHe estimates hes played more thanat me when I dont call on him for help airplanes right up his alley.There were7,000 rounds of golf, many of them withwith my golf cart and trailer.squadrons of both P-40s and P-39s. fellow Jackson Brown member ChuckHe doesnt do winter golf, so Macs As you would expect, military lifeYoung, himself a retired Air Force Lt.2021 season is over. Hes ready for in Panama changed dramatically onColonel.Mac, being a WWII veteran,snow, and hell push his snow-blower December 7, 1941. sorta outranks the good Lt. Colonel. through the neighborhoodfor We got word of the attack, thenOh, my goodness, absolutely,free, both sides of the street.Hes a story was getting out that thesaid Young. In the military, anlooking forward to turning 101, Japanese were also launching anofficer is successful when he listenswinning some bets, and making new attack on the Panama Canal, saidto his sergeants, so I know that. Ifriends.He knows full well theyll all Mac. If that had been true, we wouldam amazed that I can play golf withbe youngsters, and none among his have been in deep trouble. But thea WWII vet. I always enjoy playinggolf group or circle of friends will look change was dramatic, and it includedwith Mac.Hes always fun and Iat Cedric Oneal McGuire and expect thousands of soldiers in the infantrychase after him to keep up with hishim to live forever.and artillery, and also the Navy. pace of play. No need.Hes already done that.DEC 2021 |PACIFIC NORTHWEST GOLFER31'