b'HOLES GREAT Youve heard other people tell you what itsAnd now here you stand.The hole juts out onto the promontory of Five Mile Point, one of the mostThis is the only par-3 on the back side. Now is your opportunity. Look at theAnd swing away. OF THE NORTHWEST Bandon Dunes Golf Resort - Bandon, Oregon No. 16, Par 3 YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS PLACE.Black151 yds like, how it feels, what goes through their minds,Green131 yds what they talk about and dont talk about, as they120 yds Goldstood on the tee. exposed and windiest places on the Oregon Coast. In the summer season, thewind will be in your face, so hit extra club and keep the ball flight low. Theputting surface is massive, part of a double-green with the par-3 third hole, sothere is a lot of landing area, a lot of forgiveness in this unforgiving game.ocean. Feel the breeze against your face. Think how far youve come in your life. Sheep Ranch34PACIFIC NORTHWEST GOLFER| JUNE 2022'