b'Crane Creek Country ClubWomen-friendly, family-strong, a game for lifeT he popularity of Crane Creek Country Clubs Get Golf Ready program, which the club has tailored for women as a way to break downThe popularity of the womens Get Golf Ready program at Crane Creek Country Club perceived barriers to the game,continues to bring new people into the game. has surprised even a veteran golf professional like Ron Rawls. program aims to instill many of theThe key for Crane Creek is to offer We fill the classes, then we addfundamentals of the game. golf programs that will meet women more classes, and then we fill thoseIn some ways, the curriculumwhere they feel most comfortable. really fast, said Rawls, who haslooks like any program designedIts a similar approach to the one been the PGA head professionalfor novices, with detailed workimplemented in the clubs award-at the private club in Boise for twoon the fundamentals of the game.winning junior program.decades. The challenge for usBut Crane Creeks Get Golf ReadyThe club is thriving and the whole is to figure out how to add moreprogram also emphasizes thefamily is engaged, Rawls said. The classes. And that is great. Its a goodaspects of golf that can intimidatemore family-oriented you are, the challenge to have. women into not trying the game,more successful you are probably such as how to rake a bunker orgoing to be. I think that is the where to leave your clubs whenblueprint for clubs going forward.youre on the green.A lot of what we do is justZack Hall as much about getting them comfortable to come to the club as it is anything else, Rawls said. Ideally, as women grow more comfortable with the game and its intricacies, they begin to find more advanced ways to engage with golf, Get Golf Ready is now a familiarRawls said. And Crane Creek hasCrane Creek Country Club is a concept around the game. Butwidely expanded its offerings.private, neighborhood club nestled Crane Creeks take on the programThe next step is perhaps joiningin the foothills just minutes from focuses entirely on women as partCrane Creeks informal nine-holedowntown Boise. Crane Creek is of a growing portfolio of programswomens group each Thursday. Orwhere lifelong friendships, sporting meant to fulfill the clubs mission ofplay in its regular chip and sip games,passions and memories are built.engaging everyone in the family. fun events that pair short game skillsCRANE CREEK COUNTRY CLUBGet Golf Ready is the start. Withand wine. And maybe, eventually,500 W Curling Driveeight-women classes taught by twotheyll advance to the clubs mostBoise, ID 83702pros over four weekly sessions, thecompetitive womens groups. 208-514-4340CraneCreekCountryClub.com4GOLF IDAHO|JUNE 2022'