b'IDAHO GOLF NEWSGetting to know A: I attended Salt Lakefor other positions in the Community Collegegolf industry, especially Beauxto get my associatecommunication-based degree, and thenones. When this job became transferred to Dixie Stateavailable again last year, an YenchikUniversity (which willassociate of mine that I had officially be called Utah Techworked with when I interned at the University this fall) in St. George,Utah Golf Association sent me the job Beaux is the new manager of mediawhere I graduated with a bachelorsposting. The rest is history! and communications for the Idaho Golfdegree in Mass Communications.Q: What are you most looking forward to Association. In 2022, you will see hisHaving only lived in Idaho for a fewin your role at the IGA? work in all facets of the IGA, from photosmonths, everything is new; however,A: The amazing thing about my job, which and press releases for championships,Ive seen big similarities betweenalmost every aspect of my job description to information and updates to the IGAIdaho and Utah. Ive also enjoyedincludes, is to share information with website, and all points in between. Heresthe food scene here, treating everyothers about something that I love and a little more background on Beaux.date night with my wife as a newhave a deep passion for. I love being Q: Where are you from originally?adventure. I havent had the chancearound other people who can talk golf A: Originally from Salt Lake City, Ive livedto play much golf yet, but I cant waitwith the best of them. It is my way of all over Utah, and even lived in Englandto get the sticks out and hit some ofbeing able to put my stamp on the game for a couple years. I recently movedthe courses. that I couldnt do as a weekend warrior. to Idaho with my family from a smallQ: What was your path to the IGA?Q: What are some facts unique to you? mountain town in Utah called Midway.A: Right before COVID-19 hit, IA: Ive been happily married to my Q: Where did you go to school, and whathad applied for this same position.sweetheart, Lauren, for nearly seven do you like most about living in Idaho?Not getting it, I continued to lookyears. We actually met in London of all places, even though we are both from Utah. We have two kidsGraham (3) and Hally (1). We love getting out and going on hikes just as much as we love sitting down to watch a movie or a sporting event. My dad had me hitting golf balls when I was my sons age. The first time I played a round of golf was when I was 10, and I have never looked back. Ive had numerous jobs in the golfing industry: golf technician, retail associate, sportswriter, BurleyFairfield.combag boy and caddie. Q: One last question. What would you like Live on the EDGE to tell the golf community of Idaho? A: Golf is a universal sport. I love that anyone, no matter who they are or where they came from, can learn, love, and Show this ad for one-time become obsessed with it like the rest 30% Discount on GreenFeesof us. It is a game that teaches people for your group lifelong lessons that can be turned around and applied to the personal Only 2 1/2 hours from Boise and lives of those who play. Is this game 2 hours from Idaho Falls frustrating? Yes! Is it hard and does it stretch us beyond comfort? Yes! Nestled Along the Snake RiverMini Cassias Conference RoomWould one play the very next day after Seats Up to 50Newest Hotelwith Access from our Parking Lotshooting the worst round of their life? Now ServingAbsolutely! It is something that I play 131 E Hwy 81, Burley, IDBring Your Ski Boat! Just Off Exit 208Burley Hot Breakfastout of love and want to pass along to my 208-677-5000 Indoor Pool andRESERVATIONS RiversEdgeBurley.com208-878-9807 children, just as my dad did to me.Hot Tub6GOLF IDAHO|JUNE 2022'