b'dedication. Thiel and his collaboratorsswing a driver or the merits of a woodconnected them. Theres nothing bad engineered a coaching systemversus an iron, but Thiel sees that asto say about Joe, Wayne says. Hes designed to accelerate the learningonly part of his job as a coach anyway. like a second grandpa.process from beginning to end,As much as Thiel enjoys the sport,Iris Jin, another of Thiels current regardless of the age of the student. hes adamant that teaching golf alsostudents, is sorry that Wayne beat her When he does take on a newteaches someone more importantto that sentiment, and emphasizes that student, Thiel makes sure to sit downthings, like how to use their mind. HeThiel really is a familial presence in with them, and also their parentssees golf as a platform that bringsher life. He really cares about every and siblings, to get a sense of theirpeople together, and teach them thatstudent, Jin says, adding that she learning style and their dedication.life is about other people, not justdoesnt just learn about golf from him, Hell begin coaching golfers as young asourselves, something Thiels life hasbut about school and life.nine or 10 years old and will gladly stickexemplified. If Thiel himself ever wondered what with them through the high school,Even though he quite literally wroteothers have, how or why hes kept collegiate, and professional levels.the book on his method of teaching,going in the same career for over 45 This commitment is appealingThiel never takes sole credit. Hellyears, even now, when he could retire, to prospective golfers, but itpassionately relay stories about askinghe got the answer a few years ago. means Thiel has to make sure thefor help from anyone and everyone soWhen the idea of him leaving the world partnership will work. he could learn to be a better coach.of golf came up in conversation, his He also makes sure to share hisHes collaborated across the worldwife Susie laughed at him. Theres no Biblical perspective. Thiel will teachand even kept sports psychologists onchance you quit, she said. students of any or no faith, but withretainer so he could use their insight toSo for a man who, now in his late the kind of relationship hes setting up,help his own players. 60s, doesnt want a statue, or a course he wants people to understand whereThis all-inclusive style doesntnamed after him, but who has taught hes coming from. go unappreciated by his students,and touched so many, what does Thiels faith drives much of his life,who continue to come from all overlegacy look like?something that anyone will realizethe world to seek him out at drivingThiel says he hopes that his values within minutes of any mildly seriousranges throughout Puget Sound, mostcontinue on through those hes worked conversation with him. recently as the director of coaching atwith. That when hes gone, the sport Its what motivates him to keepFusion Golf Academy in Woodinville.he loves and the world hes traveled teaching, to keep giving, and whatWayne He moved to the Seattlewill have that many more people in it drives most of the philosophies of hisarea from China and had to find awilling to be accepting and giving, who teaching. The Bible may not have annew coach. Waynes Chinese coachput others before themselves.enormous amount to say about how towas a previous student of Thiels andAnd thats how you do it. SEPT2021 | WASHINGTON GOLF3'