b'IDAHO GOLFin Boise.The event was a great success, with good weather and a fun environment, and is sure to become a family favorite in future years. Our second run at creating events to welcome a wider range of members to IGA events has been scheduled for April of 2022.The IGA and Warm Springs Golf Course in Boise will host the IGAs first ever Mixed Couples Chapman.This event is a wonderful chance to bring couples together from all over the state to both compete and socialize in a fun format golf tournament that has been very popular across the state in recent years.We believe both of these new events will give us new chances to meet more of you in the days to come, and will provide new opportunities forCarter CupIGA members to grow their game in a fun and engaging environment. The 2020 Carter Cup was contested at TimberStone As the golf season closes out andGolf Course on November 2-3, 2021, and the PGA we begin to go through this seasonprofessionals came out victorious over the amateur of thanksgiving, I want to encourageteam by a final score of 35 to 25.everyone to be sure to thank your local PGA golf professional, golfThe Carter Cup is held every two years between course superintendent, and all ofthe top amateur golfers from the state of Idaho, and the staff who work at your localthe top PGA professionals from the Rocky Mountain club, for their time and efforts inSection PGA (Snake River Chapter).With the event the last eight months.They are thecanceled in 2020 due to the pandemic, the 2020 event true unsung heroes who provide you and I with such wonderful places towas held in 2021, but was still called the 2020 Carter play this great game and have suchCup. The competition is held on the even years, every great experiences.Soon we will allother year. be busy planning our holiday seasonThe three-round event consists of competitors to-dos, winter adventures, and golfplaying both team and individual 18-hole matches, in a shopping lists for next season. Lets not forget the people who makeRyder Cup-style competition.Each player earns points those things possible. for the team by competing in two team matches playing We at the IGA also want to wishin both four-ball and foursomes formats on day one, everyone a wonderful holiday season,and individual matches on day two.filled with good times and good friends.We cant wait to see and serve you again next year.DEC 2021 |PACIFIC NORTHWEST GOLFER45'