b'BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLF Coming in 2022An opportunity to helpR esponsibility for modernizingAmateur status will only be lost by those who:Rules in the sport of golf fallsAccept a cash prize in excess of $1,200 CDN primarily under the jurisdiction of(in a handicap competition)the United States Golf Association (USGA) for the United States andPlay as a professionalMexico, and the Royal and AncientReceive compensation for teaching golfKris Jonasson (R&A) for the rest of the world. GolfJoin a professional golf body or accept Chief Executive Officer Canada sits on advisory committeesemployment as a golf professionalBritish Columbia Golf giving them direct influence on allIn elite competitions, golfers can accept cash proposed changes. for performance. In addition, all advertising, The Rules of Golf wereexpense-related and sponsorship restrictions modernized effective January 1, 2019. Languagehave been eliminated.was updated making comprehension much easier.Elite amateur events bring together the best of Other changes assisted in making the sport playthe best. They are a great way to see golfers today quicker and more enjoyably. One significant changewho will be stars in the not-too-distant future. If introduced, allowing the flagstick to remain in theyou like watching great golf, come on out to the hole during putting, certainly made life easier when2022 Canadian Amateur championship next July the pandemic hit. As a result, many golfers wereat Point Grey Golf and Country Club. The golf will familiar and comfortable with this practice prior tobe excellent and youll get to see it up close.COVID restrictions making it mandatory.The Rules of Handicapping were updated andGolfers who aspire to play professionally are modernized effective January 1, 2020. This changegenerally young, and the expense to follow a dream introduced a World Handicap System which allowscan be daunting. Older golfers who play for the love for portability of handicaps, so when travel returnsof both the sport and competition are well worth we can welcome competitors from around the worldwatching and supporting as well. A good case in to compete on an equal basis. Like any significantpoint would have been watching BC and Canadian change, it takes time to both implement and educate.Senior Womens champion Shelly Stouffer take on the best senior women in the world at the U.S. Due to COVID, travel restrictions to play golfSenior Womens Amateur this past fall. probably helped soften the impact of the changes,If you have the means, the new Rules of making the transition easier going forward.Amateur Status will allow you to support someone Interestingly, scores posted in the Golf Canada Scorelike Shelly realize a dream. Feel free to reach Centre in 2021 surpassed nine million. In BC, almostout and we would be glad to point out those who 2.1 million scores were posted, a 24 percent increasecould use and would appreciate some support.over 2019.As we get ready to usher in 2022, we will see the Kris@BritishColumbiaGolf.org modernization and updating of the Rules of Amateur Status. These changes have a much smaller impact on theHave a question? Contact us!majority but, for golfers who play at the highest amateur level along with those preparing to play for a living, the1167198 Vantage Waychanges will have a significant and positive impact. Delta, BC V4G 1K7BRITISH 604-279-2580COLUMBIA GOLFBritishColumbiaGolf.org 48PACIFIC NORTHWEST GOLFER| DEC 2021'