b'PUBLISHERS ESSAYVol. 28 No. 2June 2022Care for the course is every golfers responsibility \x12\x13\x11\x10\x1a\x1a\x15\x1f\x1f\x13\x13\x1a\x1a \x1c\x1e\x14 \x15\x0f\x15 \x1e\x13\x16\x1d\x1e\x1a\x1f\x1e\x1d\x1cT he Pacific Northwest is experiencingputts offline. Repairing a ball mark canBRITISHGOLF\x1b\x1a\x19\x18\x17\x18COLUMBIAa very cold and wet spring, butkeep the smooth surface maintained that hasnt stopped the high volumeand will help keep the greens healthy.An official magazine of the Pacific Northwest of golf being played in our region. TheMake sure you are repairing the ballGolf Association, British Columbia Golf, consequences of courses being busy aremark correctly because sometimes youIdaho Golf Association, Oregon Golf Association, Washington Golf and the Pacific more divots, ball marks on the green,can cause more damage. Most golfNorthwest Section PGAand unraked foot prints in thecourses have instructions on bunkers. Unfortunately, for manythe proper way to do this inEDITORIAL AND PRODUCTION STAFFgolf courses that translates tothe golf shop.PUBLISHER Troy Andrew EDITOR Tom Cadenegative reviews and complaintsReplace your divots orART DIRECTOR Marilyn Esguerraabout course conditions.use sand and seedLetsPRINTER Quad Graphics We all pay a green fee orget those divots filled! If youreADVERTISING SALESSALES DIRECTORJeff Job membership to a club, and yes that comelike me and can sometimes peel up206.915.1134with expectations. But, from what Ienough sod to plant a new fairway, [email protected] speaking to staff at golf facilities,its crucial that you replace your divots. All other advertising or editorial inquiries, we should all be doing a better job inGet those divots placed properly backcontact [email protected] or 253.214.2918cleaning up after ourselves. If we did, I can almost guarantee you that.unlike any other sport,PNGA COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE Director, TroyAndrew,PNGA/WAGolfExecutive Tacoma, Wash.; Caleb Cox, IGA Executive Director, Boise, conditions will be more ideal and willparticipants play a vital roleIdaho;KrisJonasson,BCGCEO/ExecutiveDirector, Richmond, B.C.; Barb Trammell, OGA CEO, Woodburn, meet the players expectations. Ore.; Paul Ramsdell, PNGA/WA Golf Representative-at-in taking care of the conditionLarge, Gig Harbor, Wash.; Chris Geraghty, OGA Director One of the many things I loveof Communications, Woodburn, Ore.; Marilyn Esguerra, about the game is that, unlike anyof the playing field.PNGA/WA Golf Director of Marketing, Tacoma, Wash.; Tom Cade, PNGA/WA Golf Director of Communications, Tacoma, Wash.other sport, participants play a vital FUTURE PUBLISHING DATESrole in taking care of the condition ofin that crevasse you created as soon asSeptember 2022, November 2022, March 2023the playing field. Maintenance of apossible. Sand and seed is also great,SUBSCRIPTIONOregon and Washington members pay a $1 subscription fee.golf course isnt just the responsibilitybut placing the divots back into place All rights reserved, including reproduction in whole or in of the superintendent and the rest ofright away will speed up the healingpart in any form. Material in this publication may not be reproduced in any form without the expressed permission of the maintenance crew; its our role asprocess, where sand and seed takes athe editor.Advertising contained herein does not constitute endorsement by the Pacific Northwest, British Columbia, golfers. And if golfers dont help, itfew days to germinate and start growing. Idaho, Oregon, Washington golf associations or PNWPGA.All editorial submissions are to be directed to the editor. makes it nearly impossible to keep golfRake the bunker after useDontEditor assumes no responsibility for unsolicited queries, manuscripts, photographs, graphics or other materials. Editor courses in the conditions we all expectforget to bring a rake into the bunkerreserves the right to edit letters to the editor and publish only excerpts from letters received. Printed letters are not and want.with youthis is a good reminder tonecessarily the opinion of the PNGA, BC Golf, IGA, OGA, WA Golf or PNWPGA. The publisher has made every Here are three friendly and very basicrake the bunker and can speed up play.effort to ensure the accuracy of the material contained in this publication. However, as unpredictable changes and errors reminders of things we should alwaysAfter hitting your shot, rake the areado occur, the publisher can assume no liability for errors, changes or omissions. Printed in U.S.be doing when we play a round of golf.you played from, as well as all your PACIFIC NORTHWEST GOLF ASSOCIATION Your local course superintendent willfootprints and any others within reach.3401 South 19th St, Suite #200, Tacoma, WA 98405 (206) 526-1238; [email protected] it and you will ultimately beSummer weather and the peak of PacificNorthwestGolfer(USPS014-029),(ISSN: providing better playing conditions forthe golf season is upon us. Please#10877045) is published quarterly by Pacific Northwest Golf Association at 3401 South 19th St, Suite #200, yourself and your fellow golfers. remember that taking care of theTacoma, WA 98405. Periodicals postage paid at Federal Repair your ball marks on the greengolf course isnt just a matter of golfWay, WA and at additional mailing offices.POSTMASTER:send address changes to: Many people dont realize that a balletiquetteit is an obligation to our golfPacific Northwest Golfer, 3401 South 19th St, Suite #200, Tacoma, WA 98405. mark can cause the grass to die, leavingcourses and golfing community.Canadian Publications Mail Product Sales Agreement not just a pit on the putting surface, but#41108549.also a nasty scar that can knock yourTroy Andrew, Publisher Postage paid at Vancouver, B.C.6PACIFIC NORTHWEST GOLFER| JUNE 2022'