b'Over 2,000 hours of sunshineMore sunshine. More tee time.Over 19 courses to choose fromPlan your 2022 golf trip Please travel safely6BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLF |JUN 2022!PNGA_Golf-2022_16.75x10.875.indd 1 2022-05-03 2:16 PMWASSERMAN + PARTNERS ADVERTISING ART:LM AE:MW DSGN:TL PROD:KS CMYK LASER %AD SIZE:16.75" x 10.875" PRESS / STOCK:digitalKEL-F26445.01 BLEED:.125" RES FINISHED:200 PPI DESIGN :File: !PNGA_Golf-2022_16.75x10.875 OTHER:- ARTWORK SCALE:1 : 1Rev: May. 3, 20222:15 PM FINISHED:- RES ARTWORK:200 PPI AE/PROD :PNGA Golf Ad FORMAT:InDesign CC NOTE : 16.75" x 10.875" DELIVER:PDF-X1a TRAP AT OUTPUT STUDIO :'