b'BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLFBerne Neufeld, Scott Vannatter and David Atkinson receive Distinguished Service Awards from British Columbia GolfBY BRAD ZIEMER organized. She never missed ahas produced are just outstanding beat and she saw that those kidsyoung people, says British Columbia B erne Neufeld, Scott Vannatterdid all the right things to virtuallyGolfs chief executive officer Kris and David Atkinson haveguarantee that they were going toJonasson. Theres very few times received the Distinguished Serviceget a scholarship. in somebodys life when they can Awards from British Columbia GolfNeufeld was taken aback whenmake a life-long contribution to in recognition of the volunteer workshe received the call informinganother individual and Berne has they have done to benefit the game. her about the award.I was sodone just that.First as a high school teacher andshocked and I was near tears, sheNeufeld, who recently stepped then as the director of Victoria Golfsays. I was thinking, what did Iaside and turned the reins of the Clubs Evans Scholarship programdo? I feel very humbled receivingprogram to a committee at the club, for caddies, BERNE NEUFELD hasthis award.The Evans Scholarssays the program had a big impact made changing the lives of youngFoundation was founded in 1930on her life.Well, I was allowed to people a personal passion. with money donated by amateurcontinue to help kids because I had Neufeld is the reason the Evansgolfer Charles (Chick) Evans. Thebeen a school teacher, she says. program exists atThese kids were about the ages that Victoria Golf ClubMaybe her biggestI knew really well. I would fall in love and her steadfastcontribution was findingwith them because they are young determination is why it hasthe candidates and thenpeople, they come here and some of prospered.Bernementoring them throughthem dont know anything about golf.just took it uponthe process because. SCOTT VANNATTER also had a herself to makepassion for helping kids. Vannatter it happen, saysfoundation has helped more thanwas a fixture at Zone 3 junior John Bodenhamer, who is now chief10,000 caddies graduate fromevents, where he worked as a championships officer with thecollege since 1930. rules official.Vannatter, who died United States Golf Association. After getting the programlast September at age 83, was Bodenhamer, the formerstarted, Neufeld basically ran it. Sheinstrumental in developing the executive director of the Pacificinterviewed prospective candidatesPlayer Development Trust Fund, the Northwest Golf Association, firstand after they had been acceptedcharitable arm of British Columbia met Neufeld when she was Victoriashe mentored them along the way.Golf that provides financial support Golf Clubs representative to theShe got the membership to rallyfor coaching and/or travel related PNGA and later served as presidentbehind the program, which the clubexpenses for underprivileged kids.of its womens division. is justifiably proud of. Vannatter served as the funds She inspired us in WashingtonMaybe her biggest contributionchair and organized garage sales to and Oregon with how hard shewas finding the candidates and thenraise money for it.He was a teacher worked for those kids, Bodenhamermentoring them through the processand a counsellor in junior high so says. She cared deeply about everybecause there is no doubt that themaybe that transferred over into his one of them. They were like familyEvans Scholars that Victoria Golf Clubsupport of junior golf, says his wife members and she was just incredibly 8BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLF |JUN 2022'