b'I have seen thousands of putts out here so I knew more about the greens than he did.One local caddie said he skipped the event because he didnt need some parent giving me a side-eye when his kid missed a 3-foot putt, but Romero and others eagerly signed up to be part of the national championship.I absolutely wanted to do it, I wish I could do this every week, Romero said. I enjoyed every minute of being on Akshays bag and being in the competition. What I love is the competition, it is another level and strategy seeing the kids play the courses the way they can be played. There are places they can hit it where the average golfer cant and they see lines the average golfer cant. You have to reset your mind according to their golf game.Simonds, who served as standard bearer for the championship match with his brother Jackson, took tips from getting a close-up look Peyton Simonds (right) helped Eric Leeat the worlds best players in his age group.make it to the semifinals, where Lee wasI can see what I need to build on, like routines and how to approach the game, he defeated in 20 holes by eventual championsaid. Other than the swing, because we are all unique in our own way, I saw how to Wenyi Ding. Simonds is the son of Jefftake it in mentally and look at the game.Simonds, the assistant general managerLozano was prominently featured during the final two days that were televised at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort.on Golf Channel.It wasnt necessarily the attention or the cameras, it was the pressure of playing against someone equally as good as Wenyi was, he said. He was determined and he got us through it. It was an incredible experience. 20PACIFIC NORTHWEST GOLFER| SEPT 2022'