b'Id rather tiptoe among the Douglas firs than step into crushed shell sand among the stars. Its not that theres anything wrong with playing 18Unlike pushing sand around on the coast, constructing within a 5-iron from PGA and Donald Ross Boulevards,a course on a mountain has certain, um, limitations, or targeting a 3-wood around the desert. I just preferprimarily granite in these parts. Granite, as anyone who everything about alpine golf, beginning with the trees. Oh,gazed upon Stawamus Chief in Squamish knows well, those trees.doesnt take easily to being shoved about. This may When it comes to the forest, Tulalips Battle Creek Golfexplain why several fairways at Furry Creek lean so heavily Course, though technically in the foothills, is my regulartoward Howe Sound. Watching your ball roll from the favorite. Golf balls echo off tree trunks at Battle Creek socenter of the fairway into the side woods is, well, hilarious?frequently, they sound like hairy woodpeckers at work on aNot all mountain golf foments consternation, though nesting cavity.you do have to hit it straight. Balls roll this way and that at Known for drastic elevation changes, Doug fir-linedthe Chateau Whistler Resort, where accuracy is rewarded fairways and, especially, the massive boulder one mustas much as a lack thereof is punished. Ditto at Sun Peaks carry (after the deep ravine) on the 185-yard par-3 12thGC, set below Mt. Morrisey and home to the 16th tee box, hole, Battle Creek also demands every club in your bag,at 4,373 feet the highest launch point in B.C. which is rare on an out-of-the-way public layout. It feelsFrom Redstone Resort, located in Rossland, just over like youre alone in the woods, which on many days, due totwo hours north of Spokane, to Bear Mountain, located its remote location, you practically are. Nearby Kayak Point once offered the same sylvan bliss, but sadly no reopening seems imminent unless you carry a set of discs in your bag. Further north, Lake Padden GC perfectly captures the arboreal spirit in the Bellingham area, a great walk among the pines, fir and cedars without a house in sight.Alpine golf can sometimes be synonymous with angled golf, often with frustrating, sometimes hilarious, results. For years I passed Furry Creek when driving the Sea-to-Sky Highway to Squamish and Whistler, B.C. Like every other duffer, my eye traveled to the peninsular green that juts into majestic Howe Sound. I must play this course, I would think. And then I did. Chateau WhistlerSEPT 2022 |PACIFIC NORTHWEST GOLFER27'