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Association (AGA) Council that continues I can assure you that your golfingto work closely with the leadership teamEDITORIAL AND PRODUCTION STAFFexperience and the overall health of theat the USGA to assure that state golfPUBLISHER Troy Andrew EDITOR Tom Cadegame is positively impacted when theassociations around the country have aART DIRECTOR Marilyn Esguerraright leaders are in place. Throughoutvoice on a national level. PRINTER Quad Graphics the Pacific Northwest, we are fortunateUnder Barbs leadership as CEO ofADVERTISING SALESSALES DIRECTORJeff Job to have numerous general managers,the OGA, she took an organization with206.915.1134PGA professionals, superintendents,declining membership to one that [email protected] association staff and volunteersconsistently gained membership over theAll other advertising or editorial inquiries, contact [email protected] that provide tremendous leadership toyears. She developed and initiated newor 253.214.2918grow the game, protect its health, andprograms that targeted under-served PNGA COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEEultimately provide golfers with the bestaudiences like the OGA Tour series thatTroy Andrew, PNGA/WA Golf CEO/Executive Director, Tacoma, Wash.; Caleb Cox, IGA Executive Director, Boise, experience possible. are one-day competitions for men andIdaho;KrisJonasson,BCGCEO/ExecutiveDirector, Richmond, B.C.; Rick Rangel, OGA CEO, Woodburn, The Pacific Northwest has been gracedwomen of all skill levels and abilities,Ore.; Paul Ramsdell, PNGA/WA Golf Representative-at-Large, Gig Harbor, Wash.; Chris Geraghty, OGA Director with one of those leaders for the past 15and Womens Interclub Play for womenof Communications, Woodburn, Ore.; Marilyn Esguerra, PNGA/WA Golf Director of Marketing, Tacoma, Wash.; years and I am honored to call her my friendrepresenting their clubs. Tom Cade, PNGA/WA Golf Director of Communications, and mentor. Barb Trammell has been theBarb was also instrumental in formingTacoma, Wash.FUTURE PUBLISHING DATESCEO of the Oregon Golf Association (OGA)the Golf Alliance of Oregon, whichNovember 2022, March 2023, June 2023, September 2023since 2007 and retired this summer. Herbrought a consortium of key golf industrySUBSCRIPTIONexemplary leadership, dedication andpartners in Oregon to serve as the voice ofOregon and Washington members pay a $1 subscription fee.All rights reserved, including reproduction in whole or in selfless actions will forever have an impactadvocacy for golf. part in any form. Material in this publication may not be reproduced in any form without the expressed permission of on golf in Oregon, the Pacific Northwest,And a fun fact to share, before Barbsthe editor.Advertising contained herein does not constitute endorsement by the Pacific Northwest, British Columbia, and around the globe. tenure at the OGA, she worked for the LPGAIdaho, Oregon, Washington golf associations or PNWPGA.All editorial submissions are to be directed to the editor. One bit of advice I continue to hearfor 19 years and was the senior vice presidentEditor assumes no responsibility for unsolicited queries, manuscripts, photographs, graphics or other materials. Editor from successful leaders is to always leaveof tournament operations. She was amongreserves the right to edit letters to the editor and publish only excerpts from letters received. Printed letters are not things better than you found it. Barb notthe first women to be invited to officiate atnecessarily the opinion of the PNGA, BC Golf, IGA, OGA, WA Golf or PNWPGA. The publisher has made every only achieved that at the OGA, but in herall four mens major championshipsTheeffort to ensure the accuracy of the material contained in this publication. However, as unpredictable changes and errors not-so-much free time, also volunteeredMasters, The Open Championship, U.S. Open,do occur, the publisher can assume no liability for errors, for numerous roles on a national level thatand the PGA Championship. changes or omissions. Printed in U.S.PACIFIC NORTHWEST GOLF ASSOCIATION have been extremely impactful to the game.There isnt enough room on this page3401 South 19th St, Suite #200, Tacoma, WA 98405 One of those roles was serving on theto list all her contributions.She is our(206) 526-1238; [email protected](USPS014-029),(ISSN: USGA Rules of Golf Committee for 15 yearsG.O.A.T. in golf administration. Barb, we#10877045) is published quarterly by Pacific Northwest Golf Association at 3401 South 19th St, Suite #200, and being part of the Rules Modernizationwish you nothing but the best! I will missTacoma, WA 98405. Periodicals postage paid at Tacoma, Committee that helped advise the USGAworking closely together and learningWA and at additional mailing offices.POSTMASTER:send address changes to:and R&A through the significant Rules offrom your wisdom, professionalism, andPacific Northwest Golfer, 3401 South 19th St, Suite Golf changes that happened in 2019. thoughtful leadership style. Thank you for#200, Tacoma, WA 98405. Canadian Publications Mail Product Sales Agreement In addition, Barb served as a leader foryour friendship and everything you have#41108549.nine years on the International Associationdone for the game we all love!Postage paid at Vancouver, B.C.6PACIFIC NORTHWEST GOLFER| SEPT 2022'