b'In what ways have you helpedWhat goes into setting up aHave you ever felt that you championship golf in Idaho grow,tournament? needed to prove you belong in this and where do you hope to seeWell, six months to a year aheadindustry and your role? things in the future? of time, I try to secure the golfNo, I dont feel the need to prove I specifically want to help growcourse, which is the first step.myself. I think my experience speaks the womens fields for our events,But after that, it is about a monthfor itself. I learned early on, right and I am working through someout to put everything together asafter I graduated from college, ideas on how to do that. It willfar as coordinating the details ofhow to set up golf courses, and include running championships forthe course with the head pro orthen I went into college coaching women differently than we do forgeneral manager, getting playersfor almost 20 years. Ive been men, such as flighting the event orregistered, and sending out allinvolved in golf at the highest peak creating more net opportunities. Ithe information. About two daysof all levels from the AJGA to NCAA hope in the future we can separatebefore the championship is whenDivision I golf, to the LPGA Tour, and some of the fields into two differentI start the actual course marking,everything in between. I believe events instead of combining themchoosing hole locations, puttingthat qualifies me to do this job because we have so many peopleup signage, etc. It is usually threesuccessfully and that players will who want to play. days after the event when I can sendtrust me to set up a fair competition.the questionnaire to the players, What was a key lesson youfinalize the payments with the golf(A full transcript of this article can learned early on in your currentcourse, and get all of the paperworkbe found at IdahoGA.org)role that has now positivelywrapped up.influenced IGA events? I do feel a sense of pride when players tell me they enjoy my course setup or venue. I try really hard to think about how the architect intended the course to be played and what can make it fun for players, and possibly experience something different even on a course they routinely play. I learned early on as an intern for the AJGABurleyFairfield.comhow to mark courses and what to look for, and that is what I alwaysLive on the EDGEgo back to and think about when Im setting up a course. I also send questionnaires after our events toShow this ad for one-timeget feedback to continue to improve. Criticism isnt always easy, but if it is30% Discount on GreenFees constructive, I really take it to heart.for your groupI try to figure out if that is what willOnly 2 1/2 hours from Boise andbe best for the field, and if it is, I2 hours from Idaho Fallsmake those little changes for the next event I run. Nestled Along the Snake RiverMini Cassias Conference RoomSeats Up to 50with Access from our Parking LotNewest Hotel Now Serving131 E Hwy 81, Burley, IDBring Your Ski Boat! Just Off Exit 208Burley Hot BreakfastRESERVATIONS RiversEdgeBurley.com208-878-9807 208-677-5000 Indoor Pool and Hot TubSEPT 2022 |GOLF IDAHO5'