b'BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLFGolf as a Safe HavenI distinctly remember hearing the news in September 2020. Sandy Harper had a stroke. I was relieved to hear the symptoms were quickly recognized, prompt medical treatment had been received and the long-term prognosis looked good.Sandy has always been one of theKris JonassonChief Executive Officernicest competitors in golf. RelativelyBritish Columbia Golfshort in stature, he is a giant on the course with a powerful swing and a proven knack for getting the ball in the hole in the fewest strokes possible. He is also one of the nicest men I know.I remember thinking how happy I was he survivedSandy Harper came back from a health scare to win the 2022 BC and how much I would miss him if he was unable to playSenior Mens Championship. In 2013, Sandy was inducted into the competitively again. To my delight, Sandy competedGolf Hall of Fame of BC. in the 2021 BC Amateur, although he missed the cut. He then competed in the 2021 BC Senior Mens Championship, contending for the title and ultimatelyhave all received safe sport training. We are reviewing all finishing in the top 10.of our policies to ensure checks and balances are in place.Sandy did not enter the 2022 championship prior toGolf Canada is just as committed to safe sport. the close of registration. By entering late, he went on aTogether, we are committed to working with member wait list having missed receiving a guaranteed spot in theclubs to provide access to training, resources and policy field. There is always movement in the make-up of thedevelopment.senior field and this year was no exception. As a result,Our officials understand they have a duty to report Sandy moved up the wait list, ultimately gaining entry toif they are witness to maltreatment in any form. They the event.have received training on how to recognize signs of Three rounds later he was crowned the 2022 BC Seniormaltreatment.Mens Champion. We are not nave in believing golf is free from Sandy has changed. He freely admits suffering frommaltreatment. anxiety and periodic bouts of anger. The reception heBritish Columbia Golf has created a $50,000 restricted received from the field after his win demonstrated howfund which can be seen on our balance sheet. The much he is loved.restricted account is designed to support any costs British Columbia Golf could not be more pleased to haveincurred should we have to conduct a safe sport him as our Senior Mens Champion. Congratulations Sandy. investigation.British Columbia Golf believes in safe sport. As aMaltreatment in any form can be reported to an sport, golf should be accessible, inclusive, respective ofindependent investigator whose contact information is personal goals and free from all forms of maltreatment.easily available on our website.We have signed the British Columbia Universal Code ofGolf needs positive stories similar to that of Sandy Conduct and a link to the document is posted on the firstHarper. Athletes should believe they compete in an page of our website. More importantly, we are committedatmosphere of respect and safety. to abide by it. Staff, volunteer, leadership and officialsMy door is always open to those who need to talk.2BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLF |SEPT 2022'