b'BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLFinfancy, there has been an outpouring of positiveabout themselves, build confidence, understand feedback from the community. commitment, and develop healthy habitsall These kids have been using golf as an outlet,values worth carrying for life. Together with the (and) feel a sense of inclusion and safety at thesupport and generosity of donors, First Tee-BC golf course, says Musqueam Golf and Learningand Musqueam Golf and Learning Academy have Academy General Manager Kumi Kimura.introduced the sport of golf to children who They never knew how much fun golf was andmight not have otherwise experienced the game.that it [can] help as a healthy escape from [aGolf has often battled a perception that the sometimes] not so healthy world. game is exclusive to the affluent. By creating Registration for 12 participant spots fills uphubs consisting of schools, community quickly. The hour-long sessions are grouped bycentres, and accessible golf courses within a age, varying from seven to 12, and coached bysmall radius, First Tee-Canada is working to PGA of Canada professional Kelvin Ko and Firstdebunk that perception, one community at a Tee Certified Coach Jody Kinsman. Along withtime. And with a strong philanthropic community learning the fundamental skills of golf, childrenof donors supporting First Tee-Canada, many experience the opportunity to develop or furtherprogram locations provide equipment and offer reinforce many of the life skills and valuesregistration at no cost.learned through sport. In striving to be a world leader in the sport, Kimura shared a personal story of theGolf Canada is committed to changing the face of opportunity First Tee-BC presented to siblingsgolf to better reflect the multicultural strength participating in the programchildren whoof the Canadian population. First Tee-Canada were dealing with familial troubles at home andis providing opportunities, relationships, and seeking a positive outlet. experiences for children that are laying the For some children, sport can the mean thefoundation for a more diverse game.world; a positive escape where individuals learnI believe these are stories that need to be 4BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLF |SEPT 2022'