b'BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLFHope Golf Club Is Bouncing BackRecovering from the floods of last November,Hope Golf Clubis on the reboundI ts hard to comprehend just how extensive theTo date, Society Members have donated over damage done to the Hope Golf Course was, but2,000 hours of hand and machine time to deal with an photos can give at least a sense. estimated 50,000 cubic meters of debris deposited by This rapid reconstruction is the result of thethe flood. Our volunteers have managed to preserve efforts of members of the Hope Golf & Country Cluball the greens and have prepared the damaged turf (a not-for-profit society) and other volunteers whoareas for re-seeding, which commenced in the 2nd started remediation literally days after the flooding.week of May.Amazingly, they had six holes open by early MarchAll the progress to date has been funded by our and as of April 15th, all nine holes were back in play. members and through incredibly generous donations Says Society President Kent McKinnon, The floodof time, machinery and capital from local businesses, that occurred in November of 2021 did a great deal ofindustries, and families.damage and the Society Members have really pulledThe operators who manage the day-to-day at the together to make the necessary repairs. club on a lease and sublicense basis, Bonnie and 6BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLF |SEPT 2022'