b'BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLFNorm Jarvis remembered for his love of the gameN o one loved golf more than Norm Jarvis, theHe absolutely lived for his longtime Vancouver-area pro who passed away ongolf, said former PGA TOUR August 7, 2022 from complications of a stroke sufferedregular Ray Stewart, a close friend in December 2021.He was 70.of Norms. His whole world was immersed in golf Jarvis loved to play golf and one of his careerand his family. Norm was a fighter, he has been highlights was spending time playing on the PGAfighting for a long time.Champions Tour. He earned conditional status at theHis notable wins included the 2005 Payless 2004 qualifying school and played in 13 events in theOpen in Victoria on the Canadian Tour, a PGA Head 2005 season. Jarvis had three top-25 finishes that year,Professional Championship of Canada title and a pair with his best result being a tie for 20th at the Boeingof PGA of BC Senior championships.I think a lot of Classic held outside of Seattle.people under-estimated his ability as a player, said close friend Muncie Booth, the longtime head pro at Langara Golf Course in Vancouver.He won several events and I didnt think he got the respect that he deserved. He was a real student of the game. He did a lot of reading about the swing and was very knowledgeable about the swing.He built a career around his passion for golf, with many treasured memories of family or friends as his caddie. Norm played on the Canadian Tour, Champions Tour, Vancouver Golf Tour and PGA TOUR events. He was known for his dedication to practice, having one of the best swings, rarely missing a fairway and on occasion taking an extra putt to get in the cup. He was a forever student of the game, who thrived on sharing that knowledge with others.Vancouver Golf Tour commissioner Fraser Mulholland said Jarvis was always willing to help fellow golfers.Norm always had time for people, whether mentoring a young pro like myself or coaching/cheering on his pro-am teammates to be the best they could be, Mulholland posted on his Twitter account.Brad Ziemer'