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Virgie Robinson Scholarship Fund 8th Annual Golf Tourney & Charity Auction

Sun Willows Golf Course is open for tournaments and the Virgie Robinson Annual Spring Classic Golf Tournament reboots on April 23, 2022. We are happy to report that, despite COVID-19’s best efforts to stop us, we were still able to give out three scholarships in 2020 and one in 2021. We’ve given out24 scholarships since 2005 and so far, have not missed a beat. Thank you all who continue to support us in spite of not being able to be in-person for two straight tourney seasons…..but we’re back! Player registration is available now at
We’re so excited to be back and we don’t exactly know what the COVID protocols will be come Springtime, but we’ll be following them – make sure you do your part – SEE YOU LIVE AND IN PERSON APRIL 22-23, 2022!