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    All information and schedules will be emailed. Volunteer schedules will be posted on the Championship Volunteer page two weeks prior to each championship.



    Please indicate any volunteer positions you are capable of working and/or are willing to perform. Checking more than one position is encouraged. Below also is a brief description for each position.


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    Forecaddie: Assigned to stationary location on the golf course to assist in spotting golf balls that land in any area which will make them hard to find. Reports to tournament officials, by radio, if a group appears to be out of position or if a group asks for a Rules Official. Forecaddies do not interpret the Rules of Golf. A portable chair or golf cart is provided.

    Pace of Play Monitor/Live Scoring: Positioned near the 4th, 9th, 13th, and 18th greens to monitor the finishing times of each group. Report to Rules Officials, by radio, if any groups are behind (a Pace of Play chart with finishing times and a clock will be provided). This position also will collect scores from each player/group and enter them into a tablet for online scoring.

    Player Registration: Greet and welcome each contestant, check their name off the registration sheet, take a photo, and hand out championship information and tee prizes. Registration is open during the afternoon prior to each championship and on the first morning of the championship until the last group has teed off.

    Rules Official: Volunteer as part of a team led by the PNGA Staff consisting of other volunteers, and often times Club Professional Staff to interpret the Rules of Golf and make rulings during championships. A Rules Official must meet the requirements of the PNGA Rules Official Program. Extra training is required for this position.

    Scoring Table/Scoreboard: Monitor players or groups to ensure that they report to the scoring area immediately after completing their round. Make sure players have their scorecards signed and attested before leaving the scoring area. One volunteer will post scores (numeric stickers), while a second volunteer helps collect and transfer scorecards.

    Starter: Greet and introduce yourself to the players. Distribute scorecards, hole location sheets, local rules, and pace of play guidelines. Announce each individual with starting time, name and hometown.

    A PNGA Staff member will provide instruction and be available for questions, during the championships.


    Please indicate which days you are able to volunteer in the checkboxes below.


    2018 PNGA Championships

    Senior Men's and Super Senior Men's Amateur
    Sunriver Resort (Meadows Course)
    Sunriver, OR
    Sahalee Players Championship Qualifier
    (Rules Officials only)
    Sahalee Country Club
    Sammamish, WA
    Men's Master-40 Amateur
    Silvies Valley Ranch
    Seneca, OR
    Sahalee Players Championship
    (Rules Officials only)
    Sahalee Country Club
    Sammamish, WA
    Women's Amateur and Women's Mid-Amateur
    Palouse Ridge Golf Club
    Pullman, WA
    Men's Amateur
    The Home Course
    DuPont, WA
    Junior Boys' and Junior Girls' Amateur
    TimberStone Golf Course
    Caldwell, ID
    Men's Mid-Amateur
    Crane Creek Country Club
    Boise, ID
    Women's Senior and Super Senior Team
    Gold Mountain Golf Club
    Bremerton, WA
    Men's Senior and Super Senior Team
    Gold Mountain Golf Club
    Bremerton, WA
    Senior Women's and Super Senior Women's Amateur
    Shaughnessy Golf and Country Club
    Vancouver, BC


    (In order to produce volunteer schedules well in advance of the championships, we would appreciate it if you could avoid indicating "if needed." It is difficult to make assignments without a firm commitment.)