C. Harold Weston Jr., Inducted 1997

C. Harold Weston Jr.

From just about the time Harold Weston was born on August 7, 1916, golf was an important part of his life. Weston was a champion in many ways. He was a track star at the University of Oregon, and won his first golf tournament as a junior member at Columbia-Edgewater Country Club in Portland. Harold won the 1956 Oregon Coast Invitational, and later was champion of the Junior-Senior Division and Senior Division of the Oregon Coast Invitational. He was twice the Grand Champion of the Northwest Seniors' tournament, in 1975 and l976, annually held at Victoria Golf Club. He played in three U.S. Amateurs – at Seattle Golf Club, St. Louis Golf Club and Pebble Beach Golf Links. He also played in the 1972 U.S. Senior Amateur at Sharon Golf Club in Sharon, Ohio.

Weston also made many contributions to the game in a non-playing capacity. In Oregon, Weston undertook volunteer assignments on all levels of golf, serving as President of Portland Golf Club and the Northwest Seniors' Golf Association. He was Oregon's representative to the USGA and Chairman of the USGA Senior Amateur in 1964 at Portland Golf Club. Weston was also President of the Oregon Junior-Senior Golf Association.

A Stalwort of Northwest Golf

In 1963 Weston was awarded the annual George Bertz Award. Like fellow Pacific Northwest Golf Hall of Fame member, Christine Jones, Harold, who was inducted in 1997, was honored for his service to golf in Oregon and the Northwest. During his tenure, Weston served on several PNGA committees, including Golf House and his favorite, the PNGA Evans Caddie Scholarship Fund. In the modern era of the association's history following 1957, Weston was President for three terms, from 1958 to 1961. In his final address to the membership in 1961, Weston summarized his presidency:

"Success or failure rests upon the shoulders of doers, and most doers enjoy a reasonable amount of success. The PNGA has had the good fortune of selecting able and intelligent directors devoted to golf, all of which make a formidable working team. Thomas Huxley once said, 'The rung of a ladder was never meant to rest upon, but only to hold a man's foot long enough to enable him to put the other somewhat higher.' I'm confident that this expression aptly applied to this year's Directorship, and I know that the new directors for 1962 will have the confidence, courage and endless energy to accomplish the necessary for the better and more enjoyable golf for our members.

Harold Weston was certainly a doer, and the PNGA is eternally grateful for the many contributions he made to the association.