OGA Comes Back in Dramatic Fashion to Win the Inaugural PNGA Cup Matches at Seattle Golf Club

Seattle, Wash. (May 5, 2006) – After two days of highly competitive golf, the last hole at the 6,780-yard Seattle Golf Club (par 72) proved to be the decisive factor of the Inaugural PNGA Cup Matches, with Oregon Golf Association emerging as the tournament victor.

Today’s format called for Single matches where some of Northwest’s toughest competitors were matched up. 2005 PNGA Senior Women’s Champion Allison Murdoch, of Victoria, BC, shot 4 under par through 12 with no bogeys to win her match 7 & 6 against 2005 WSWGA Senior Championship Champion Ann Swanson, of Woodinville, WA.

Meanwhile, WSGA team member Ginny Burke of Fircrest, WA, sunk a 20-foot birdie putt to close the match on hole 17 against Phyllis Laschuk of Vancouver, BC.

Former Seattle Mariners pitcher Erik Hanson of Kirkland, WA, was 1-up until the 18th hole where his competitor Craig Doell of Victoria, BC, salvaged a tie in the match, preserving the British Columbia Golf Association’s second-place finish in the tournament.

The day’s surprise comeback came from Bob Lutz of Jerome, ID, who was behind by 2 on hole 11 against Erik Myrmo of Eugene, OR, but bounced back to win on 18 at 1-up.

The PNGA Cup was awarded to the Oregon Golf Association, where it will reside until next year’s matches. The OGA was led by honorary co-captains Mary Budke (2005 PNGA Hall of Fame Inductee) and Denny Taylor of Gladstone, OR.

Seattle Golf Club
Seattle, Washington
May 3-5, 2006


Mid-Am Men
G. Koster/M. Mannion (BCGA) def. J. Dunlap/C. Johnsen (OGA) 4&3
R. Fery/E. Fiskum (OGA) vs. C. Doell/B.Toth (BCGA) All Square
E. Hanson/A. Stamey (WSGA) def. E. Peterson/M. Rhoades (IGA) 7&5
T. Points/B. Smith (IGA) def. T. Brandes/T. Lewis (WSGA) 6&4

Master-40 Men
J. Gallacher/P. Harris (BCGA) vs. S. Hval/D. Taylor (OGA) All Square
B. Burton/T. Phillips (WSGA) def. J. Malay/B. Wheeler (IGA) 6&5

Sr. Men
N. Pumfrey/G. Lindbjerg (BCGA) def. B. Lutz/D. Cropper (IGA) 2&1
P. Campbell/ E. Myrmo (OGA) def. B. Richards/K. Brown (WSGA) 2up

Mid-Am Women
J. Little/K. Evans (BCGA) vs. L. Folsom/L. Smego (WSGA) All Square
K. Darrington/K. Markle (IGA) vs. F. Johnston/K. Kalian (OGA) All Square

Sr. Women
G. Burkey/A. Swanson (WSGA) def. J. Smith/M. Reynolds (IGA) 5&3
A. Murdoch/P. Laschuk (BCGA) vs. M. Budke/M. Fisher (OGA) All Square

BCGA – 4 OGA – 3 ½ WSGA – 3 ½ IGA – 1


Mid-Am Men
C. Johnsen/R. Fery (OGA) def. T. Lewis/A. Stamey (WSGA) 3&2
C. Doell/B.Toth (BCGA) def. T. Points/E. Peterson (IGA) 4&3
G. Koster/M. Mannion (BCGA) def. M. Rhoades/B. Smith (IGA) 1up
J. Dunlap/E. Fiskum (OGA) def. E. Hanson/T. Brandes (WSGA) 2&1

Master-40 Men
J. Gallacher/P. Harris (BCGA) def. J. Malay/B. Wheeler (IGA) 3&2
B. Burton/T. Phillips (WSGA) def. S. Hval/D. Taylor (OGA) 3&2

Sr. Men
N. Pumfrey/G. Lindbjerg (BCGA) def. P. Campbell/ E. Myrmo (OGA) 4&3
B. Richards/K. Brown (WSGA) def. B. Lutz/D. Cropper (IGA) 2&1

Mid-Am Women
K. Darrington/K. Markle (IGA) def. L. Folsom/L. Smego (WSGA) 1up
F. Johnston/K. Kalian (OGA) def. J. Little/K. Evans (BCGA) 1up

Sr. Women
M. Budke/M. Fisher (OGA) def. G. Burkey/A. Swanson (WSGA) 3&2
A. Murdoch/P. Laschuk (BCGA) def. J. Smith/M. Reynolds (IGA) 1up

BCGA – 5 OGA – 4 WSGA – 2 IGA – 1

Day one Total:
BCGA – 9 OGA – 7 ½ WSGA – 5 ½ IGA – 2


Mid-Am Men
Tom Lewis (WSGA) def. Mike Mannion (BCGA) 5 & 4
Tom Brandes (WSGA) def. Greg Koster (BCGA) 6 & 5
Bryan Toth (BCGA) def. Alex Stamey (WSGA) 2 & 1
Jim Dunlap (OGA) vs. Eric Peterson (IGA) All Square
Mark Rhoades (IGA) def. Ryan Fery (OGA) 1 up
Carl Johnsen (OGA) def. Todd Points (IGA) 3 & 2
Craig Doell (BCGA) vs. Erik Hanson (WSGA) All Square
Eric Fiskum (OGA) def. Brett Smith (IGA) 2 up

Master-40 Men
Bob Burton (WSGA) def. Paul Harris (BCGA 4 & 3
Tom Phillips (WSGA) def. John Gallacher (BCGA) 4 & 3
Denny Taylor (OGA) def. Joe Malay (IGA) 1 up
Scott Hval (OGA) def. Bob Wheeler (IGA) 2 up

Sr. Men
Paul Campbell (OGA) def. Dave Cropper (IGA) 2 up
Gudmond Lindbjerg (BCGA) def. Bruce Richards (WSGA) 2 & 1
Bob Lutz (IGA) def. Erik Myrmo (OGA) 1 up
Noel Pumfrey (BCGA) def. Kent Brown (WSGA) 2 & 1

Mid-Am Women
Kareen Markle (IGA) def. Kim Evans (BCGA) 3 & 2
Jackie Little (BCGA) def. Karen Darrington (IGA) 4 & 2
Felicia Johnston (OGA) def. Lisa Smego (WSGA) 2 & 1
Karla Kalian (OGA) def. Leslie Folsom (WSGA) 3 & 2

Sr. Women
Alison Murdoch (BCGA) def. Ann Swanson (WSGA) 7 & 6
Jean Smith (IGA) def. Mary Budke (OGA) 4 & 3
Marcia Fisher (OGA) def. Marilyn Reynolds (IGA) 6 & 4
Ginny Burkey (WSGA) def. Phyllis Laschuk (BCGA) 2 & 1

BCGA – 5 ½ OGA – 8 ½ WSGA – 5 ½ IGA – 4 ½

Final Results:
BCGA – 14 ½ OGA – 16 WSGA – 11 IGA – 6 ½