Championship Volunteers

2021 Volunteer Schedules:

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2021 Rules Official Program:

Includes requirements for being a PNGA/WA Golf Rules Official, information on how to become a Rules Official, our Rules Workshop tuition reimbursement program and how to apply for Rules Official status.

Championship Volunteer Roles

PNGA Championships require a handful of different volunteer positions working together to achieve success at an event.

During volunteer registration, volunteers will have the opportunity to select which roles they would like to perform during the upcoming season. PNGA staff will do its best to rotate volunteers between desired position based on availability, past experience and qualifications.

Volunteer positions include:


At all PNGA Championships, one or two volunteers will occupy the registration table during registration hours. Typically, from 11:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. the day prior to the first round and during the first round up until 30 minutes prior to the last starting time.


Rules Officials are responsible for ensuring PNGA Championships are conducted fairly and in accordance with the Rules of Golf. Rules Officials make up the Committee at each championship along with PNGA staff.


A Rules Official Apprentice can be a new PNGA Rules Official, which has passed the USGA/PGA Rules of Golf exam and has yet to work an event or an individual that aspires to be a Rules Official and either has either not taken or passed the USGA/PGA Rules of Golf exam.

Rules Official Apprentices normally will work a pace of play/live scoring shift for half of the day and shadow an official for the other half.


The primary responsibility of starting is to ensure that the players start at the time provided by the Committee as well as distributing scorecards and special notices to the players.


The responsibilities of each pace of play monitor and live scorer is to ensure that the pace of play policy is enforced in a consistent manner to the entire field. It is always a top priority to keep play moving in a timely manner and within the set time par.


Scoring is essential to the success of a championship or qualifier. Typically, one or two experienced volunteers will be assigned to the scoring area each day.


Forecaddies help keep play moving by spotting where balls land in order to assist players and officials locate balls, which may be lost, out of bounds or unplayable.


Shuttle drivers will operate a variety of types of golf carts to get players and caddies from one point to another in a safe and secure manner. At certain events, based on the course layout and the number of volunteers on site, a shuttle driver may also be asked to cover a pace of play/live scoring station or also serve as a forecaddie.