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7th Annual PNGA Cup Final Results

Victoria, B.C. (May 4, 2012) – After the final individual match play competition at the 7th annual Pacific Northwest Golf Association (PNGA) Cup, Oregon Golf Association (OGA) captured its third title in a row and its fifth overall.

Coming into the day, Oregon was comforted with a 2.5-point lead from its stellar play on day one. Close on their heels was British Columbia Golf, followed by Idaho Golf Association (3.5 points back) and the Washington State Golf Association (4 points back).

Similar to day one of competition, the weather played a significant factor for play, with cold, gusting wind and relentless rain forcing the players to evaluate every shot with it in mind.

In the two Mid-Amateur Divisions, the OGA set their tone by stealing 5 out of a possible 6 points from their competitors, a number that kept them ahead of the other associations for the better part of the day.

Leading the way with convincing wins for OGA were former Oregon State Beavers Jillian Carlile, of Vancouver, over Shawna Farmer, of Bellevue (5&4), and Brie Stone, of Veneta, over Leslie Folsom, of Seattle (6&5). Both OGA players gained critical points in maintaining a slim lead.

BC Golf made a late charge to keep the competition interesting and try to steal the Cup back from OGA, winning or halving a number of matches on the final hole only to fall 2.5 points shy of the two-time defending champions.

Despite excellent play by the Washington State Golf Association and Idaho Golf Association, these teams could only muster 10 and 8.5-point totals, respectively, against an extremely talented field of 25+ men and women.

The PNGA Cup will now move to Idaho in 2013.

PNGA Cup Yardage

Hosted by: Gorge Vale Golf Club

Men’s Mid-Amateur and Master-40: 6,788 yards
Men’s Senior: 6,505 yards
Mid-Amateur and Senior Women’s yardage: 5,616 yards

Mid-Amateur Men
Mike Haack/Stephen Lee (WSGA) def. Scott Hval/Bill Winter (OGA) – 1up
Darren Kuhn/Dan Pickens (IGA) def. Ben Griffin/Brent Wilson (BC Golf) – 2&1
Kevin Carrigan/Bryan Scott (BC Golf) def. Stephen Hartnett/Eric Peterson (IGA) – 4&3
Eric Fiskum/Tim O’Neal (OGA) vs. Chris Bae/Dana Christianson (WSGA) – AS

Master-40 Men
Sandy Harper/Stephen Watson (BC Golf) vs. Tom Brandes/Alex Stamey (WSGA) – AS
Mark Bowler/Dave Lydell (OGA) def. Todd Points/Bob Wheeler (IGA) – 2&1

Senior Men
Pat O’Donnell/Denny Taylor (OGA) def. Gordon Barry/Norris Dancer (IGA)            – 4&3
Kent Brown/Larry Daniels (WSGA) vs. Gudmund Lindbjerg/Tony Hatchwell (BC Golf) – AS

Mid-Am Women
Christina Proteau/Alison Quinlan (BC Golf) def. Jillian Carlile/Brie Stone (OGA) – 4&2
Abby Black/Kareen Markle (IGA) def. Shawn Farmer/Leslie Folsom (WSGA) – 2&1

Senior Women
Terri Frohnmayer/Loree McKay (OGA) def. Alison Murdoch/Penny Baziuk (BC Golf) – 3&2
Shawna Ianson/Sheryl Scott (IGA) def. Ginny Burkey/Lisa Smego (WSGA) – 3&2


B.C. Golf – 3                IGA – 3                        OGA – 3½                    WSGA – 2½  


Mid-Amateur Men
Tim O’Neal/Bill Winter (OGA) def. Ben Griffin/Brent Wilson (BC Golf) – 2up

Eric Fiskum/ Scott Hval (OGA) def. Kevin Carrigan/Bryan Scott (BC Golf) – 5&3
Stephen Hartnett/Eric Peterson (IGA) def. Chris Bae/Dana Christianson (WSGA) – 2&1     
Darren Kuhn/Dan Pickens (IGA) def. Mike Haack/Stephen Lee (WSGA) – 1up         

Master-40 Men
Sandy Harper/Stephen Watson (BC Golf) def. Todd Points/Bob Wheeler (IGA) – 3&2
Tom Brandes/Alex Stamey (WSGA) def. Mark Bowler/Dave Lydell (OGA)  4&3

Senior Men
Pat O’Donnell/Denny Taylor (OGA) def. Kent Brown/Larry Daniels (WSGA) – 3&2
Gudmund Lindbjerg/Tony Hatchwell (BC Golf) def. Gordon Barry/Norris Dancer (IGA) – 4&3

Mid-Am Women
Jillian Carlile/Brie Stone (OGA) def. Abby Black/Kareen Markle (IGA) – 3&2

Christina Proteau/Alison Quinlan (BC Golf) def. Shawn Farmer/Leslie Folsom (WSGA) – 2&1                    
Senior Women
Terri Frohnmayer/Loree McKay (OGA) def. Shawna Ianson/Sheryl Scott (IGA) – 4&3
Ginny Burkey/Lisa Smego (WSGA) def. Alison Murdoch/Penny Baziuk (BC Golf) – 3&2

Foursome Totals:

B.C. Golf – 3               IGA – 2                        OGA – 5                      WSGA – 2  

Day 1 Totals:

B.C. Golf – 6               IGA – 5                        OGA – 8½                    WSGA – 4½  


Mid-Amateur Men
Brent Wilson (BC Golf) def. Dana Christianson (WSGA) – 4&3         
Bill Winter (OGA) def. Stephen Hartnett (IGA) – 4&3
Scott Hval (OGA) def. Dan Pickens (IGA) – 2&1
Bryan Scott (BC Golf) def. Chris Bae (WSGA) – 1up  
Stephen Lee (WSGA) vs. Ben Griffin (BC Golf) – AS

Eric Fiskum (OGA) def. Darren Kuhn (IGA) – 3&2      
Kevin Carrigan (BC Golf) def. Mike Haack (WSGA) – 2&1
Eric Peterson (IGA) def. Tim O’Neal (OGA) – 2&1     

Master-40 Men
Dave Lydell (OGA) def. Sandy Harper (BC Golf) – 4&2         
Stephen Watson (BC Golf) def. Mark Bowler (OGA) – 5&4

Todd Points (IGA) def. Alex Stamey (WSGA) – 1up
Tom Brandes (WSGA) def. Bob Wheeler (IGA) –  4&2

Senior Men
Pat O’Donnell (OGA) def. Tony Hatchwell (BC Golf) – 8&7
Larry Daniels (WSGA) def. Gordon Barry (IGA) – 5&4           
Gudmund Lindbjerg (BC Golf) vs. Denny Taylor (OGA) – AS
Kent Brown (WSGA) def. Norris Dancer (IGA) – 2&1

Mid-Am Women
Alison Quinlan (BC Golf) vs. Abby Black (IGA) -AS
Jillian Carlile (OGA) def. Shawn Farmer (WSGA) – 5&4
Brie Stone (OGA) def. Leslie Folsom (WSGA) – 6&5

Christina Proteau (BC Golf) def. Kareen Markle (IGA) – 2&1
Senior Women
Lisa Smego (WSGA) def. Loree McKay (OGA)            – 4&3
Ginny Burkey (WSGA) def. Terri Frohnmayer (OGA) – 2up
Sheryl Scott (IGA) def. Alison Murdoch (BC Golf) – 2up
Penny Baziuk (BC Golf) def. Shawna Ianson (IGA) – 1up
Singles Totals:

B.C. Golf – 7½                         IGA – 3½                      OGA – 7½                    WSGA – 5½   

B.C. Golf – 13½                       IGA – 8½                      OGA – 16                     WSGA – 10  

*Supporting photo, Oregon Golf Association Team with the winning PNGA Cup trophy.