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Dave Pelz Scoring Game School offering clinics at Pronghorn Resort

Expert instructors from the Dave Pelz Scoring Game School will be at Pronghorn Resort in Central Oregon throughout the month of August to help you get the most out of your game. The Pelz staff will be offering the school’s master class, The Three-Day Scoring Game School and the six-hour One-Day Clinic in the incomparably beautiful practice areas at Pronghorn.

The Dave Pelz Scoring Game School mission is simple: to help you play the best golf you possibly can. Once you’re hitting wedge shots closer and you’re putting more consistently, expect to have more fun on the golf course. Pelz one-day clinics and three-day schools at the sensational Pronghorn Resort are designed to help you build a skill set for around the green that fosters a lifetime of improved scoring.

The Three-Day Scoring Game School is the premier Dave Pelz-designed golf instruction experience. Incorporating video, feedback devices and the latest Pelz research, the Pelz Three-Day Schools are designed to help golfers play all the shots on and around the green with confidence and consistency. These schools are the most effective and permanent way to lower your handicap.

Dave Pelz (right) has instructed professional players with a combined 21 major victories, including Phil Mickelson (left) and 2018 Masters champion Patrick Reed.

For more than 40 years, Dave Pelz has been one of golf’s most influential figures. From best-selling books to two dozen golf-related patents to 11 of his professional students (including Hall of Famer Phil Mickelson and 2018 Masters champion Patrick Reed) compiling a total of 21 major championships, Pelz remains at the game’s cutting edge.

All of that, Pelz says, pales in comparison to the joy he and his staff get from helping “Average Joe” amateurs improve their handicaps. “It’s awesome that we’ve helped some top players improve and have success, but the weekend players deserve to have more fun with the game, too,” Pelz says. “That’s why we bring short-game and putting instruction to amateurs at select resort locations like Pronghorn. Amateurs have the most to gain. Eighty percent of the shots golfers lose to par occur inside of 100 yards. We focus our lessons on that critical scoring range.”

Listen to the kind of success Pelz alumni have had:

“Thanks for making the game fun again. My scores have improved dramatically.” – Jim. C

“I made an all-world up-and-down to win a key match at my club. I couldn’t have done it without my Pelz technique.” – Terry G.

“Three-putting is ancient history now.” – Thomas S.

“I’ve been to the school multiple times and always come away with something new.” – William D.

If you’re ready to revolutionize the way you play inside 100 yards, meet the Pelz team at an upcoming Pronghorn school. You’ll get on track to improve scoring and get a deeper enjoyment of this great game.

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3 Day Scoring Game School

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