Oregon Golf Association Repeats at PNGA Cup Matches

Victoria, BC (May 4, 2007) – The Oregon Golf Association held strong in the single matches competition to defend their title and repeat as champions at the 2nd PNGA Cup matches held at the historic Victoria Golf Club.

The OGA scored 8 points yesterday in the four-ball and foursome matches. Of the12 singles matches today, the OGA won 8 of the matches and halved one to maintain their lead and finish at the top with a total of 16 ½ points. At the end of day one, the OGA shared their lead with the Washington State Association. The WSGA finished second with 14 points.

Eric Fiskum of the OGA scored the decisive point on the 17th hole, beating WSGA favorite, Derek Berg, 2 and 1 in their singles match. Fiskum was also the decisive match winner in the OGA’s 2006 PNGA Cup victory.

Each 12-member team from British Columbia Golf Association, the Idaho Golf Association, the Oregon Golf Association and the Washington State Golf Association consist of eight men and four women. The representation included four men mid-amateur’s of 25 years of age or older, two men at 40 years or older, two senior men of 55 years or older, two women-mid-amateurs of 25 years or older and two senior women of 50 years or older.

Victoria Golf Club
Victoria B.C., Canada
May 2-4, 2007


Mid-Am Men
B. Griffin/S. Watson (BCGA) vs. B. Kearney/T. Paldi (OGA) AS
J. Cassidy/T. Brandes (WSGA) def. E. Peterson/M. Rhoades (IGA) 4&3
B. Newsom/E. Fiskum (OGA) vs. B. Rupert/B. Wheeler (IGA) AS
D. Berg/E. Hanson (WSGA) def. C. Doell/B. Toth (BCGA) 4&2

Master-40 Men
B. Burton/J. Kelly (WSGA) def. S. Hval/C. Johnsen (OGA) 2&1
P. Harris/G. Bismeyer (BCGA) def. C. Funk/N. Dancer (IGA) 4&3

Sr. Men
P. Campbell/K. Forster (OGA) def. T. Hatchwell/B. Wilms (BCGA) 1up
L. Daniels/F. Urquhart (WSGA) def. M. Rawls/Joe Malay (IGA) 5&4

Mid-Am Women
L. Tennant/E. Regan (OGA) def. K. Darrington/K. Markle (IGA) 6&4
J. Little/A. Murdoch (BCGA) vs. L. Folsom/L. Smego (WSGA) AS

Sr. Women
R. Whittington/J. Edwards-Powell (OGA) def. G. Burkey/A. Carr (WSGA) 1up
G. Hutchinson/ J. Smith (IGA) def. H. Horwood/P. Laschuk (BCGA) 6&5

BCGA – 2 OGA – 4 WSGA – 4.5 IGA – 1.5


Mid-Am Men
E. Peterson/B. Rupert (IGA) def. C. Doell/B. Toth (BCGA) 3&2
J. Cassidy/D. Berg (WSGA) def. E. Fiskum/T. Paldi (OGA) 2&1
B. Griffin/S. Watson (BCGA) def. E. Hanson/T. Brandes (WSGA) 1up
B. Kearney/B. Newsom (OGA) def. B. Wheeler/M. Rhoades (IGA) 4&3

Master-40 Men
B. Burton/J. Kelly (WSGA) vs. C. Funk/N. Dancer (IGA) AS
C. Johnsen/S. Hval (OGA) def. P. Harris/G. Bismeyer (BCGA) 3&2

Sr. Men
T. Hatchwell/W. Wilms (BCGA) def. M. Rawls/J. Malay (IGA) 3&2
L. Daniels/F. Urquhart (WSGA) def. K. Forster/P. Campbell (OGA) 1up

Mid-Am Women
K. Darrington/K. Markle (IGA) def. L. Folsom/L. Smego (WSGA) 1up
L. Tennant/E. Regan (OGA) def. J. Little/A. Murdoch (BCGA) 1up

Sr. Women
G. Burkey/A. Carr (WSGA) def. H. Horwood/P. Laschuk (BCGA) 3&1
R. Whittington/J. Edwards-Powell (OGA) def. J. Smith/G. Hutchinson (IGA) 3&2

BCGA – 2 OGA – 4 WSGA – 3.5 IGA–2.5

Totals from Day One:
BCGA – 4 OGA – 8 WSGA – 8 IGA – 4


Mid-Am Men
Ben Griffin (BCGA) def. Brooks Newsom (OGA) 1up
Tom Brandes (WSGA) def. Eric Peterson (IGA) 1up
Tyler Paldi (OGA) def. Mark Rhoades (IGA) 4&3
Erik Hanson (WSGA) def. Craig Doell (BCGA) 1-up
Stephen Watson (BCGA) def. Bret Rupert (IGA) 2up
Eric Fiskum (OGA) def. Derek Berg (WSGA) 2&1
Brian Toth (BCGA) def. Brandon Kearney (OGA) 3&2
John Cassidy III (WSGA) def. Bob Wheeler (BCGA) 8&7

Master-40 Men
Carl Johnsen (OGA) def. Carl Funk (IGA) 2up
Paul Harris (BCGA) def. Bob Burton (WSGA) 4&3
Jack Kelly (WSGA) vs. Scott Hval (OGA) AS
Greg Bismeyer (BCGA) def. Norris Dancer (IGA) 2&1

Sr. Men
Tony Hatchwell (BCGA) vs. Fred Urquhart (WSGA) AS
Ken Forster (OGA) def. Mike Rawls (IGA) By Default
Paul Campbell (OGA) def. William Wilms (BCGA) 8&7
Larry Daniels (WSGA) def. Joe Malay (IGA) 3&2

Mid-Am Women
Jackie Little (BCGA) def. Karen Darrington (IGA) 5&4
Leslie Folsom (WSGA) def. Lara Tennant (OGA) 2&1
Elizabeth Regan (OGA) def. Kareen Markle (IGA) 1up
Alison Murdoch (BCGA) def. Lisa Smego (WSGA) 5&4

Sr. Women
Jean Smith (IGA) def. Ginny Burkey (WSGA) 1up
Rachel Whittington (OGA) def. Phyllis Laschuk (BCGA) 1up
Joan Edwards-Powell (OGA) def. Anne Carr (WSGA) 3&2
Holly Horwood (BCGA) def. Georgia Hutchinson (IGA) 4&3

BCGA – 8.5 OGA – 8.5 WSGA – 6 IGA-1

Final Results
BCGA – 12.5 OGA – 16.5 WSGA – 14 IGA – 5