Washington Comes From Behind; Spoils Oregon’s Chance to Three-Peat

Bend, Ore. (May 9, 2008) – The day began on the Jack Nicklaus Signature course at Pronghorn Club in Bend with an unlikely leader, twenty-four points up for grabs in singles matches, and ownership of the 3rd PNGA Cup title available for the taking. It seemed most likely that first day leader Idaho would have to duke it out with the defending team from Oregon.

But the team from Washington, trailing the field with only 4.5 points, had other plans. By winning 7 matches and halving two others to earn 8 points, they surged into a tie with Oregon. Prior to the competition taking place, the PNGA Tournament Committee had decided that a playoff would be required to determine the champion.

With the possibility of a tight finish and the looming playoff, captains huddled earlier in the day to pick those players that would represent their teams. In the unlikely event of a tie, the playoff field would consist of four players from each team including three men from each of the age divisions and one women.

Representing Oregon in the playoff was Jim Dunlap of Tigard, Chris Maletis of Portland, Jeff Nielson of Gresham and Lara Tennant of Portland. The team from Washington was represented by Dan Whitaker of Cle Elum, Bob Burton of Everett, Kent Brown of Colville and Leslie Folsom of Seattle.

Helping the Oregon team into a chance to defend their title in the playoff was Loree McKay of Portland who won her match against Hall of Famer Jean Smith of Eagle, Idaho 6 & 4. While her match was initially close, the tide quickly turned when McKay aced the par-3 7th hole with an 8-iron.

The Ryder-cup style contest features some of the most notable amateur golfers in the region with 12-member teams representing the regional golf associations that makeup the Pacific Northwest Golf Association including British Columbia, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Teams play four-ball, foursome and singles matches to select a champion.

Each team has of eight men and four women with the men’s contingent comprised of four mid-amateurs (25 years of age or older), two men at 40 years or older, and two senior men of 55 years or older. The women’s delegation includes two mid-amateurs and two women 50 years of age or older. With both Men’s and Women’s scores used to determine the team result, it is the only known event of its kind in the country.

Pronghorn, Jack Nicklaus Signature Course
Bend, Oregon
May 7-9, 2008


Mid-Am Men
T. Brandes/J. Kelly (WSGA) vs. C. Doell/B. Toth (BCGA) AS
G. Koster/B. Griffin (BCGA) vs. T. Tucker/B. Newsom (OGA) AS
J. Dunlap/E. Fiskum (OGA) def. M. Meador/J. Edwards (IGA) 4&3
E. Hanson/D. Whitaker (WSGA) def. M. Rhoades/ E. Peterson (IGA) 1 up

Master-40 Men
G. Walker/J. Nielson (OGA) def. B. Burton/E. Jonson (WSGA) 1 up
B. Wheeler/B. Rupert (IGA) def. S. Harper/M. Mannion (BCGA) 1 up

Sr. Men
J. Gallacher/G. Lindbjerg (BCGA) def. K. Brown/L. Mullen (WSGA) 1 up
J. Malay/B. Lutz (IGA) def. C. Maletis/D. Taylor (OGA) 1 up

Mid-Am Women
K. Darrington/K. Markle (IGA) def. L. Smego/L. Folsom 3&2
L. Tennant/C. Spada (OGA) def. A. Murdoch/J. Little 1 up

Sr. Women
R. Whittington/L. McKay (OGA) def. G. Burkey/A. Carr (WSGA) 3&2
J. Smith/G. Hutchinson (IGA) def. H. Horwood/P. Baziuk (BCGA) 6&4

BCGA – 2 OGA – 4.5 WSGA – 1.5 IGA – 4


Mid-Am Men
T. Tucker/E. Fiskum (OGA) vs. T. Brandes/J. Kelly (WSGA) AS
J. Dunlap/B. Newsom (OGA) vs. C. Doell/B. Toth (BCGA) AS
E. Hanson/D. Whitaker (WSGA) def. M. Meador/E. Peterson (IGA) 4&3
M. Rhoades/J. Edwards (IGA) def. G. Koster/B. Griffin (BCGA) 2&1

Master-40 Men
B. Burton/E. Jonson (WSGA) def. S. Harper/M. Mannion (BCGA) 2&1
B. Wheeler/B. Rupert (IGA) def. G. Walker/J. Nielson (OGA) 1 up

Sr. Men
C. Maletis/D. Taylor (OGA) def. K. Brown/L. Mullen (WSGA) 1 up
J. Gallacher/G. Lindbjerg (BCGA) def. J. Malay/B. Lutz (IGA) 2&1

Mid-Am Women
K. Darrington/K. Markle (IGA) def. L. Tennant/C. Spada (OGA) 5&4
A. Murdoch/J. Little (BCGA) def. L. Smego/L. Folsom (WSGA) 1up

Sr. Women
H. Horwood/P. Baziuk (BCGA) vs. R. Whittington/L. McKay (OGA) AS
J. Smith/G. Hutchinson (IGA) vs. G. Burkey/A. Carr (WSGA) AS

BCGA – 3 OGA – 2.5 WSGA – 3 IGA – 3.5

Day One Totals:
BCGA – 5 OGA – 7 WSGA – 4.5 IGA – 7.5


Mid-Am Men
G. Koster (BCGA) def. B. Newsom (OGA) 7&5
D. Whitaker (WSGA) def. C. Doell (BCGA) 2&1
E. Peterson (IGA) def. T. Brandes (WSGA) 1up
J. Edwards (IGA) def. B. Toth (BCGA) 1up
J. Dunlap (OGA) def. M. Rhoades (IGA) 3&2
M. Meador (IGA) def. E. Fiskum (OGA) 3&2
E. Hanson (WSGA) def. T. Tucker (OGA) 3&1
J. Kelly (WSGA) vs. B. Griffin (BCGA) AS

Master-40 Men
M. Mannion (BCGA) def. G. Walker (OGA) 2&1
B. Burton (WSGA) def. B. Wheeler (IGA) 4&3
S. Harper (BCGA) def. B. Rupert (IGA) 6&5
J. Nielson (OGA) def. E. Jonson (WSGA) 2up

Sr. Men
C. Maletis (OGA) def. J. Malay (IGA) 2&1
L. Mullen (WSGA) def. J. Gallacher (BCGA) 1up
K. Brown (WSGA) def. B. Lutz (IGA) 4&3
G. Lindbjerg (BCGA) def. D. Taylor (OGA) 2up

Mid-Am Women
Leslie Folsom (WSGA) def. C. Spada (OGA) 3&1
L. Smego (WSGA) def. K. Markle (IGA) 2&1
L. Tennant (OGA) def. J. Little (BCGA) 4&3
A. Murdoch (BCGA) def. K. Darrington (IGA) 2&1

Sr. Women
P. Baziuk (BCGA) def. A. Carr (WSGA) 1up
L. McKay (OGA) def. J. Smith (IGA) 6&4
G. Hutchinson (IGA) vs. H. Horwood (BCGA) AS
G. Burkey (WSGA) vs. R. Whittington (OGA) AS

BCGA – 7 OGA – 5.5 WSGA – 8 IGA-3.5

Final Results
BCGA – 12 OGA – 12.5 WSGA – 12.5 IGA – 11

Hole #1

Dan Whitaker (WSGA) vs. Jim Dunlap (OGA) AS
Bob Burton (WSGA) def. Jeff Nielson (OGA) 1up
Kent Brown (WSGA) vs. Chris Maletis (OGA) AS
Leslie Folsom (WSGA) def. Lara Tennant (OGA) 1up