Oregon Golf Association Successfully Defends Title at PNGA Cup

Eugene, Ore. (May 3, 2011) – The 6th annual PNGA Cup concluded today at Eugene Country Club in Eugene, Ore. as the Oregon Golf Association (OGA) won their second consecutive and fourth overall, PNGA Cup. The OGA got out to an early lead yesterday and held on down the stretch today to win.

Today’s singles matches made for a dramatic finish as the Washington State Golf Association (WSGA) earned 9 out of a possible 12 points to close the gap on first day leader OGA.  In the end, the OGA was too much for the field earning 6 ½ points for a two-day total of 16 points and the win.  WSGA finished in second place with an overall total of 14 points, B.C. Golf earned 6 ½ points today bringing their total to 13 ½ points, and the Idaho Golf Association (IGA) ended the PNGA Cup with 4 ½ points.

In the opening four-ball matches yesterday the defending champion OGA team got out to an early lead earning 6 out of a possible 6 points to lead second place WSGA with 2½ points, B.C. Golf with 2 points, and IGA with 1½ points.  The OGA team maintained their lead earning 3 more points in the foursome matches to bring their total to 9½ points. B.C. Golf made a push in the afternoon gaining 5 points to bring their total to 7 points, the WSGA team earned 2½ points for a total of 5 points and the IGA team earned 1 point for a one day one total to 2 ½ points.

Each association collectively played a total of 24 matches, which included four-ball matches, foursome matches and singles matches.  One point was awarded for each match won and a half point was awarded for every match that ends all square (tied).

Teams are represented by twelve players each, selected from the following age and gender categories:  four mid-amateur men (25 years of age or older), two Master-40 men (40 years of age or older), two senior men (55 years of age or older), two mid-amateur women (25 years of age or older), and two senior women (55 years of age or older).

Eugene Country Club is one of America’s premier championship venues.  The club has hosted four USGA National Championships during its illustrious history and is consistently ranked as one of the top 100 courses in the United States by Golf Digest.


Mid-Am Men

C. Renfrew (B.C. Golf) def. T. Points (IGA) 2&1

K. Pomarleau (WSGA) def. K. Young (OGA) 3&2

C. Doell (B.C. Golf) def. E. Peterson (IGA) 3&2

B. Griffin (B.C. Golf) def. J. Merz (IGA) 5&4

S. Packer (WSGA) def. B. Winter (OGA) 3&2

G. Koster (B.C. Golf) def. B. Wheeler (IGA) 5&4

D. Whitaker (WSGA) def. C. Sawyer (OGA) 4&3

M. Haack (WSGA) def. S. Larsen (OGA) 4&2

Master-40 Men

E. Hanson (WSGA) def. N. Bradley (B.C. Golf) 4&3

B. Patton (OGA) def. D. Kuhn (IGA) 5&4

T. Brandes (WSGA) def. S. Harper (B.C. Golf) 1up

T. O’Neal (OGA) def. D. Pickens (IGA) 2&1

Senior Men

B. Burton (WSGA) def. Steve Berry (B.C. Golf) 5&4

C. Maletis (OGA) def. P. Lodge (IGA) 5&4

P. O’Donnell (OGA) def. L. Gallup (IGA) 4&3

B. DeBiasio (B.C. Golf) def. T. Phillips (WSGA) 1up

Mid-Am Women

L. Tennant (OGA) def. C. Proteau (B.C. Golf) 5&4

K. Darrington (IGA) def. D. Kieffer (WSGA) 7&6

L. Folsom (WSGA) def. K. Markle (IGA) 7&5

B. Sharrat (B.C. Golf) def. C. Spada (OGA) 5&4

Senior Women

J. Edwards-Powell (OGA) def. A. Murdoch (B.C. Golf) 6&5

A. Carr (WSGA) def. S. Ianson (IGA) 3&2

J. Smith (IGA) def. Y. Alkins (WSGA) 3&1

L. McKay (OGA) vs. K. Pultz (B.C. Golf) AS

Singles Match Totals:

B.C. Golf – 6½    OGA – 6½    WSGA – 9    IGA – 2

PNGA Cup Totals:

B.C. Golf – 13½    OGA – 16    WSGA – 14    IGA – 4½

2011 PNGA Cup Photos