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Pacific Northwest Golf Association
1010 S. 336th Street,
Suite 310
Federal Way, WA 98003


Phone: (206) 526-1238**

Toll Free: (800) 643-6410

Fax: (844) 339-5411


**PLEASE NOTE: The PNGA has implemented an Automated Attendant on the office phone system. When you call the PNGA offices via the main phone number, 206.526.1238 or 800.643.6410, you will now hear an automated greeting instead of an actual person. A menu selection will be required to get you through to your desired call location.

  • Press 1 for assistance with Handicapping and Course Rating
  • Press 2 for Accounting and Billing
  • Press 3 for Championships or Rules of Golf related questions
  • Press 4 for Membership and Benefits
  • Press 5 for Communications and Marketing (Pacific Northwest Golfer magazine)
  • Press 0 for the office administrator during business hours, or to leave a message for the general inbox after business hours


PNGA Staff


  • Troy Andrew
    Troy Andrew
    CEO/Executive Director
    Extension: 2920
    Direct: 206-526-8605
  • Heather Wilson
    Heather Wilson
    Extension: 2912
    Direct: 253-214-2912
  • Rachel von Cluck
    Rachel von Cluck
    Office Administrator
    Extension: 2910
    Direct: 253-214-2910

 Membership & Club Relations Department 

  • Shari Jacobson
    Shari Jacobson
    Head of Operations,
    Director of Membership & Club Relations

    Extension: 2925
    Direct: 253-214-2925
  • Torrin Westwood
    Torrin Westwood
    Manager, Membership & Club Relations
    Extension: 2919
    Direct: 253-214-2919

 Handicapping & Course Rating Department 

  • Nate Schroeder
    Nate Schroeder
    Director of
    Handicapping & Course Rating

    Extension: 2923
    Direct: 253-214-2923
  • Collin Westwood
    Collin Westwood
    Manager, Handicapping
    & GHIN Services

    Extension: 2915
    Direct: 253-214-2915

 Championship Department 

  • Scotty Crouthamel
    Scotty Crouthamel
    Senior Director of
    Rules & Competition

    Extension: 2924
    Direct: 253-214-2924
  • Adam Gracik
    Adam Gracik
    Manager of
    Rules & Competition

    Extension: 2926
    Direct: 253-214-2926
  • Jacob Leonard
    Jacob Leonard
    Manager of
    Rules & Competition

    Extension: 2917
    Direct: 253-214-2917
  • Mark Wilhite
    Mark Wilhite
    Operations Assistant

 Communications & Marketing Department 

  • Tom Cade
    Tom Cade
    Senior Director of Communications & Marketing, Editor of Pacific Northwest Golfer
    Extension: 2918
    Direct: 253-214-2918
  • Marilyn Esguerra
    Marilyn Esguerra
    Director of Marketing
    Extension: 2916
    Direct: 253-214-2916
  • Vinny Fiorino
    Vinny Fiorino
    Manager of
    Communications & Marketing

    Extension: 2922
    Direct: 253-214-2922
  • Audrey Orem
    Audrey Orem
    Coordinator of
    Communications & Marketing

    Extension: 2911
    Direct: 253-214-2911

 Sponsorships & Advertising Sales 

  • Jeff Job
    Jeff Job
    Director of Sales
    Direct: 206-915-1134
  • Jay Brandt
    Jay Brandt
    Sales Associate
    Direct: 541-410-9076

 Evans Caddie Scholarship Program 

  • Bill Moses
    Bill Moses
    Director, West Region
    Direct: 847-724-4600