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Bandon Dunes Golf Resort

“Golf As It Was Meant To Be” – This has been the mantra for Bandon Dunes Golf Resort from the very beginning. When Mike Keiser first discovered this land on the rugged Southern Oregon Coast nearly three decades ago, he believed it alone was capable of providing a pure links golf experience not yet found on American soil.

Only by traveling to the sandy shores of Scotland could one play amongst the grass-covered dunes, raging seas, and untamed landscape that first defined the game. Where every shot is influenced by nature’s infinite presence.

Mr. Keiser’s vision became a reality as the first course, Bandon Dunes, emerged from the wild gorse and sandy soil of the Pacific coastline. The purity of the game guided every decision then, just as it does now.

Twenty-two years—and six courses—later, “Golf As It Was Meant To Be” continues to inspire each experience at Bandon Dunes. Here, golf is more than the number you write on a scorecard. It is the connection you make with friends and loved ones. It is the moment all of your senses are touched—by the wind, the smells, the taste of salty air, and the ever-present ocean. It is the ability to explore the land in a way that is thrilling and satisfying.

Through the uncertainty of 2020, we were encouraged by the spirit of golf and its ability to tie us together through the game we all love. The virtues of golf that have made it a sport enjoyed worldwide for centuries are the same reasons the game has not only endured but thrived through a global pandemic. The ability to be outside, with people we love, exploring the world, learning about ourselves and our playing partners, pursuing perfection that we know can never be achieved—that’s what makes the game such a gift.

There were some very bright moments in 2020, highlighted by the opening of Sheep Ranch, the sixth golf course at the resort, as well as our hosting of the 120th U.S. Amateur, a thrilling championship that came down to the wire, and an event we have long considered the “fifth major.”

David McLay Kidd, the legendary course designer of Bandon Dunes, once said, “The essence of a golf course starts with a great piece of land. And it’s the exploration of that piece of land that makes great golf, not the individual holes.” That is the enchantment of Bandon Dunes Golf Resort. It is here, between the swings, that we immerse ourselves in the traditions of this timeless game. Surrounded by wind-swept shores, towering pines, and shifting sand dunes, we are able to marvel at Mother Nature’s wonders. Paired with those we cherish, we walk, always searching for the soul of the game.

This is golf as it was meant to be.