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Oregon Golf Association Wins PNGA Cup

Roslyn, Wash. (May 7, 2010) – The strong individual play of the Oregon Golf Association (OGA) sealed the outcome in the final round of the PNGA Cup held at Tumble Creek Club in Roslyn, Wash. The OGA team won an impressive 10 out of a possible 12 points in the final round to win their third PNGA Cup. Members of the OGA team are; Bill Winter of Portland, Jim Dunlap of Beaverton, Chad Sawyer of West Linn, Matt Newcombe of Ridgefield, Byron Patton of Tigard, Rick Dimick of Eagle Point, Chris Maletis of Portland, Patrick O’Donnell of Clackamas, Lara Tennant of Portland, Loree McKay of Portland, Penny Saenguraiporn of Lake Oswego, and Joan Edwards-Powell of Portland.

The Washington State Golf Association (WSGA) finished in second place with 13 ½ points, Golf British Columbia (BCGA) ended in third place with 9 points and the Idaho Golf Association (IGA) finished in fourth place with 7 points.

The PNGA Cup is a Ryder Cup style contest featuring some of the most notable amateur golfers in the region. Each 12-member team from the BCGA, IGA, OGA, and WSGA consists of eight men and four women.

The representation includes four men mid-amateurs of 25 years of age or older, two master-40 men of 40 years or older, two senior men of 55 years or older, two women-mid-amateurs of 25 years or older and two senior women of 50 years or older. The format consists of four-ball and foursome matches the first day with single matches on the second and final day. With each player playing three matches, the championship will allow each competitor to compete against players from the other associations.

“Bringing the best players from each association around the Northwest has proved to be a very positive experience and also continues to grow new friendships and camaraderie amongst all of the teams,” said Dr. Jack Lamey, the President of the PNGA and founder of this championship.


Mid-Am Men

C. Sawyer/J. Dunlap (OGA) def. S. Harper/N. Bradley (BCGA) 5&3

D. Berg/M. Haack (WSGA) def. C. Doell/J. Dinn (BCGA) 1up

B. Winter/M. Newcombe (OGA) def. C. Reinke/L. Reed (IGA) 1up

J. Hibler/M. Dance (IGA) def. D. Whitaker/B. Bjorke (WSGA) 2&1

Master-40 Men

G. Bismeyer/S. Berry (BCGA) vs. D. Pickens/B. Wheeler (IGA) AS

B. Patton/R. Dimick (OGA) vs. T. Brandes/E. Hanson (WSGA) AS

Senior Men

C. Maletis/P. O’Donnell (OGA) def. N. Dancer/P. Lodge (IGA) 7&6

J. Gallacher/ G. Lindbjerg (BCGA) def. D. Potter/K. Brown (WSGA) 1up

Mid-Am Women

L. Tennant/L. McKay (OGA) def. K. Pultz/C. Spence (BCGA) 2 &1

K. Markle/K. Darrington (IGA) def. L. Folsom/D. Keiffer (WSGA) 3&2

Senior Women

L. Palahnuik/A. Murdoch (BCGA) def. J. Smith/S. Ianson (IGA) 2&1

C. Allen/A. Carr (WSGA) vs. P. Saenguraiporn/J. Edwards-Powell (OGA) AS

Totals: BCGA – 2 ½ OGA – 5 WSGA – 2 IGA – 2 ½



Mid-Amateur Men

C. Doell/J. Dinn (BCGA) def. C. Reinke/L. Reed (IGA) 7&6

D. Berg/M. Haack (WSGA) def. J. Hibler/M. Dance (IGA) 4&3

D. Whitaker/B. Bjorke (WSGA) def. C. Sawyer/J. Dunlap (OGA) 2 up

B. Winter/M. Newcombe (OGA) def. S. Harper/N. Bradley (BCGA) 1up

Master-40 Men

B. Patton/R. Dimick (OGA) def. D. Pickens/B. Wheeler (IGA) 7&6

T. Brandes/E. Hanson (WSGA) def. G. Bismeyer/S. Berry (BCGA) 5&4

Senior Men

J. Gallacher/G. Lindbjerg (BCGA) def. N. Dancer/P. Lodge (IGA) 4&3

C. Maletis/P. O’Donnell (OGA) def. K. Brown/D. Potter (WSGA) 2up

Mid-Amateur Women

L. Tennant/L. McKay (OGA) vs. K. Markle/K. Darrington (IGA) AS

K. Pultz/C. Spence (BCGA) def. L. Folsom/D. Keiffer (WSGA) 2up

Senior Women

C. Allen/A. Carr (WSGA) def. J. Smith/S. Ianson (IGA) 1up

L. Palanuik/A. Murdoch (BCGA) def. P. Saenguraiporn/J. Edwards-Powell (OGA) 3&1

Foursome Totals: BCGA – 4 OGA – 3 ½ WSGA – 4 IGA – ½

Day 1 Totals: BCGA – 6 ½ OGA – 8 ½ WSGA – 6 IGA – 3



Mid-Amateur Men

D. Whitaker (WSGA) def. S. Harper (BCGA) 3&1

B. Winter (OGA) vs. M. Dance (IGA) AS

J. Dunlap (OGA) def. J. Dinn (BCGA) 2&1

M. Haack (WSGA) def. L. Reed (IGA) 2&1

N. Bradley (BCGA) def. C. Reinke (IGA) 1 up

D. Berg (WSGA) def. C. Doell (BCGA) 6&5

C. Sawyer (OGA) def. B. Bjorke (WSGA) 1 up

J. Hibler (IGA) vs. M. Newcomb (OGA) AS

Master-40 Men

B. Patton (OGA) def. G. Bismeyer (BCGA) 1 up

T. Brandes (WSGA) def. B. Wheeler (IGA) 2&1

D. Pickens (IGA) def. S. Berry (BCGA) 2&1

E. Hanson (WSGA) def. R. Dimick (OGA) 2&1

Senior Men

D. Potter (WSGA) def. N. Dancer (IGA) 3&2

C. Maletis (OGA) def. G. Lindbjerg (BCGA) 5&3

P. O’donnell (OGA) def. P. Lodge (IGA) 5&3

K. Brown (WSGA) def. J. Gallacher (BCGA) 4&3

Mid-Amateur Women

L. McKay (OGA) def. D. Keiffer (WSGA) 5&3

K. Markle (IGA) vs. K. Pultz (BCGA) AS

L. Tennant (OGA) def. C. Spence (BCGA) 2&1

L. Folsom (WSGA) vs. K. Darrington (IGA) AS

Senior Women

A. Murdoch (BCGA) def. C. Allen (WSGA) 2up

P. Saenguraiporn (OGA) def. S. Ianson (IGA) 7&6

J. Smith (IGA) def. L. Palahnuik (BCGA) 1 up

J. Edwards-Powell (OGA) def. A. Carr (WSGA) 3&2

Singles Match Totals: BCGA – 2 ½ OGA – 10 WSGA – 7 ½ IGA – 4

PNGA Cup Totals: BCGA – 9 OGA – 18 ½ WSGA – 13 ½ IGA – 7