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PNGA Honors Recipients of 2010 Distinguished Service Award

Three individuals who have each given over 20 years of service to the game of golf were honored at the 111th PNGA Annual Meeting Dinner on April 30th at Bellingham Golf and Country Club.

Sharon Johnston, University Place, Wash.

Fircrest Golf Club

Sharon Johnston has played a major role on both sides of the ropes of the Northwest golf scene. She has participated and volunteered at many PNGA and WSGA championships, meetings, and activities for more than two decades.

She became the first female President in the history of the Washington State Golf Association in 2007. She has been a WSGA Board Director since 1996, a Club Representative for 21 years, and served as Chairwoman of the WSGA Championship Committee for over a decade. Sharon has been a USGA Course Rating women’s team leader for WSGA Course Rating Committee and has rated hundreds of golf courses thought the years.

She served as Chairwoman of the PNGA Women’s Division in 1995 and was a PNGA Director from 1995-1997. She has been a member of numerous PNGA committees including the Hall of Fame and Championship committees. She has also served as Chairwoman of several PNGA championships. Sharon currently serves on the Board of Directors that oversees The Home Course, which is owned by the PNGA & WSGA.

Sharon is also a three-time winner of the PNGA Senior Women’s Team Championship (1995, 96’ & 01’), a nine-time champion of the Puget Sound Women’s Golf Association crown, and won the 1998 Washington State Women’s Golf Association Amateur Championship.

Sharon is a member at Fircrest Golf Club in University Place, Wash., where she is a six-time winner of the women’s club championship. In 2007, she was inducted into the Fircrest Golf Club Hall of Fame.

  • PNGA Club Representative – 1989 – present
  • WSGA Club Representative – 1992 – present
  • PNGA Board of Directors – 1995-1997
  • WSGA President – 2007-2009
  • WSGA Board of Directors – 1996 – present
  • PNGA Women’s Division Chairwoman – 1995
  • Chairwoman of the WSGA Championship Committee – 1997-2007
  • The Home Course, Director – 2009 – present
  • WSGA Course Rating Committee, Women’s Team Leader – 1992 – present
  • Chairwoman of Numerous PNGA Women’s Championships
  • Chairwoman of Numerous WSGA Women’s Championships

Judy Thompson, Kent, Wash.

Meridian Valley Country Club

Judy Thompson has given back to the game of golf since 1982 when she first started as one of the lead volunteer coordinators for the LPGA Safeco Classic at Meridian Valley Country Club in Kent, Washington. She was dedicated to that championship for 17 years before it changed locations in 1999.

Furthermore, Judy has been one of the true leaders of the PNGA Women’s Division. She was chair of the PNGA Women’s Division in 1998, but has also chaired numerous championships for the last decade and a half.

Judy has also given her time as a member of the USGA Regional Association Committee. This includes administering USGA Qualifiers in the Northwest and fostering the relationship that the state and regional golf associations have with the USGA.

Judy is a long-time member of Meridian Valley Country Club. She is rolling up her sleeves again in 2010 as the PNGA Senior Women’s Chair.

  • PNGA Club Representative – 1988 – present
  • WSGA Club Representative – 1992 – present
  • PNGA Board of Directors – 1997-1999
  • PNGA Women’s Division Chairwoman – 1998
  • Chairwoman, PNGA Hall of Fame Committee – 2000-present
  • Chairwoman, PNGA Senior Women’s Amateur Championship – Numerous times
  • Chairwoman, PNGA Women’s Amateur – Numerous times
  • Chairwoman, PNGA Junior Girls’ Championship – Several times
  • LPGA Safeco Classic Volunteer Chairwoman 1982-1999
  • USGA Regional Associations Committee – 1992-present

Derek Glazer, Vancouver, British Columbia

Richmond Country Club

If you have ever played in a PNGA Championship, chances are you have been fortunate to have Derek Glazer as your starter. There is something eloquent and traditional about his British accent that makes the first tee start special.

Derek has been a tremendous supporter of the PNGA and the British Columbia Golf Association over the years. He moved to Canada from England in 1952. He became a BCGA Director in 1975 and has given back to the game of golf ever since. He became a part of the PNGA family in 1981 when he was appointed as a PNGA Club Representative from Richmond Country Club, his home club.

Derek continues to volunteer for many PNGA and BCGA championships around the region. His enthusiasm and selfless devotion to the game of golf has impacted many people on and off the golf course.

  • BCGA Director of Zone Four – 1975 – present
  • BCGA Director – 1981-2002
  • PNGA Club Representative – 1981 – present
  • President, BC Golf House Society (Museum) – 1995-1997
  • Chairman, PNGA Senior Men’s Amateur Championship – 1991
  • PNGA starter at selected and numerous championships since 1990
  • Awarded BCGA President’s Award – 2004