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We’re No. 2 – Running Y Ranch Resort

It is hard to believe that September of 2021 will mark the fifth anniversary of the passing of our golf course designer, Mr. Arnold Palmer. It was fitting and goose bump-inducing to see Bryson DeChambeau conquer “The King’s” home course back in March using the same go-for-broke style that made Mr. Palmer so loved. Bryson took some aggressive lines at Bay Hill that have never been seen before. It made us miss our hero that much more!

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We were reminded of an article in Golf Digest shortly after his passing as we watched DeChambeau hoist his trophy (with a tear in our eye) at Bay Hill. The article was titled “Arnold Palmer: 10 Rules for a Golf Life.” The rules are as follows.

  1. Invent a system, then own it
  2. Always dress the part
  3. Remember the kids
  4. Walk, and walk some more
  5. A good grip comes first
  6. Hit the ball hard
  7. It’s all about the driver
  8. Accept the game’s mysteries
  9. Imitate your heroes
  10. Get it to the hole – “The worst thing you can do is leave a putt short.”

Most of these rules can and should be applied to life in general, not just a golf life. By using a little metaphorical imagination, we think these rules provide a nice foundation to live by.

During an interview before he passed, Mr. Palmer was asked what he thought was the best course he had designed during his illustrious career in course construction. After a long pause, he stated that he could not pick just one. He proceeded to start naming some of his favorites in no particular order. When he paused again, he had named 16 of his favorite designs. This list became known as his “Sweet 16,” and Running Y Ranch Resort is beyond proud to hold a place on that list. What strikes us is that he specifically stated that they were in no particular order.

Because of that, we like to say that “We’re No. 2.” You may ask who is No. 1, and our answer is quite simple: We’re not sure; we haven’t found them yet.

Come visit us and see for yourself. Own your system. Dress the part. Always remember the kids. Walk more. Grip it and rip it. Stay curious, but accept life’s mysteries. Imitate your heroes and always give them a chance when you visit the masterpiece that The King created in Klamath Falls, Ore.