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St. Patrick’s 4-Person Green Ball (modified scramble)

Every group of four is given one marked green ball to start the round. Each team selects a player to start with the green ball and that player plays the first hole with the green ball while the other three players scramble with their normal balls. At the end of the hole you take the 3 man scramble score and the individual green ball score and mark them down. On the second hole a different player is selected to play the green ball and the other three players scramble again.

This processes repeated for the first four holes until all players have played the green ball alone. At this point the order in which you played the green ball is continued through all 18 holes.

Hole 1
Green Ball- Player A
Scramble- Player B, C, D

Hole 2
Green Ball-Player B
Scramble- Player A, C, D

Hole 3
Green ball-Player C
Scramble- Player A, B, D

Hole 4
Green ball-Player D
Scramble- Player A,B,C

Hole 5
(Repeat hole 1)

Hole 6
(Repeat hole 2)

Continued through all 18 holes. If the green ball is lost, continue to play the same format but every team who does not return their green ball will receive a two stroke penalty at the end of the round.