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Valentine’s Day Best Ball

Best Ball Format – Players should play their own ball for the entirety of the hole. Scoring shall be done as standard stroke play with the lowest individual score counting for the team on each hole.

Teams should play Best Ball format. All Putts must be holed out unless an individual is picking up and scoring an X on any hole.

We are playing modified lift, clean, and place. Shots must be played within one club length in the fairway and six inches in the rough. If there is any question about if the ball is in the rough or not, the ball shall be deemed to be in the rough.

The driving range area surrounding Holes 1, 2, and 3 is in play. Do not take additional relief from the range area.

The waste area to the left of Hole 10 and Hole 18 is in play. Play a provisional ball if you are unsure of the location off the tee. If a ball cannot be found within the three-minute search time, play as a lost ball.

You are entitled to 6” of lift, clean, and place in the rough. Do not take additional relief from stumps or piles.

If there is any questionable ruling at any time during the round, the participant should play two balls and score both of them. A ruling will be issued before finalizing the score and signing cards.