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U.S. Senior Women’s Open Championship Trophy Unveiled

The USGA unveiled the U.S. Senior Women’s Open Championship Trophy at its Annual Meeting in Miami, Fla., held Feb 2-4, 2018. The trophy will be given to the world’s best senior women’s golfer at the inaugural championship this July at Chicago Golf Club in Wheaton, Ill.

“The U.S. Senior Women’s Open Championship is a key milestone for the game, and this trophy is an iconic, fitting symbol of what this championship represents,” said Mike Davis, USGA CEO/Executive Director. “We look forward to presenting it to a true champion at Chicago Golf Club following what will surely be an exciting week of golf providing the ultimate test to the finest senior women’s players in the world.”

The new trophy encompasses both the distinctive history and prominence of women’s golf as well as its exciting future. Made of sterling silver, design elements include a number of symbolic characteristics:

  • Intergenerational inspiration: The olive leaves, which adorn the body of the trophy, diminish in size and represent the intergenerational nature of the championship.
  • Commitment: The prominence of the USGA’s seal symbolizes the organization’s longstanding commitment to women’s golf and the role women have played in the game’s history.
  • Grandest stage: The ornate scroll and spiral elements of the handles follow the theme of female energy, growth and evolution. Held naturally with two hands, the trophy will be hoisted by the champion while she is recognized on the grandest stage in senior women’s golf.
  • Openness: The pineapple, a symbol of hospitality, friendship and generosity, crowns the trophy, representing that the championship is open to all.
  • Foundational: The round beads that encircle the base of the trophy denote femininity and celebrate the significant contributions to the growth and evolution of the game made by women.

The trophy, which will include the names of all future winners beginning with this summer’s inaugural champion, weighs 13 pounds, making it the heaviest of the four USGA Open championship trophies. The U.S. Senior Women’s Open Trophy stands 22 inches tall and is 12 inches from handle to handle.

The U.S. Senior Women’s Open will be conducted July 12-15, 2018 at Chicago Golf Club, one of the five founding clubs of the USGA and the oldest golf club in the U.S. in continuous use at the same location.

The championship is open to any female professional or amateur golfer who is 50 years of age as of July 12 and has a Handicap Index® not exceeding 7.4. The field will include 120 players who will earn entry through qualifying this spring or through an exemption category. Like its USGA Open championship counterparts, the Senior Women’s Open will be conducted as a 72-hole, walking-only stroke-play event. The 2019 championship will be contested May 16-19 at Pine Needles Lodge & Golf Club in Southern Pines, N.C.

At the 2018 Annual Meeting for the United States Golf Association, the new trophy for the inaugural U.S. Senior Women’s Open was unveiled. Left to right are Ellen Port, Pat Bradley, Diane Lang, Jane Geddes, Amy Alcott, Cindy Rarick and Jan Stephenson. The new USGA championship will be held at Chicago Golf Club in Wheaton, Ill. on July 12-15, 2018. The Annual Meeting was held at Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach, Fla. on Feb 2-4. (Copyright USGA/John Mummert)


Several prominent female golfers were present Friday evening for a private unveiling of the trophy, led by 2010 U.S. Women’s Open champion and 2037 U.S. Senior Women’s Open hopeful Paula Creamer.

Paula Creamer, U.S. Women’s Open champion (2010)

  • “This was a night I’ll never forget. The trophy is beautiful, and it meant a lot to be part of such a memorable event. The fact that this is happening right now is so special, and it’s such a big moment for women’s golf.”

Amy Alcott, U.S. Women’s Open champion (1980)

  • “I think it’s a stunning trophy, very classy. It accentuates the commitment of the USGA to senior women’s golf. I’m working on my game with Chicago in mind and gunning for the top spot.”

Pat Bradley, U.S. Women’s Open champion (1981)

  • “It was a magical moment to see that beautiful trophy stand so proud and represent senior women’s golf. I am just thrilled to have the opportunity to compete for it. I have been waiting 17 years to have this championship on our schedule. They did a beautiful job with the trophy, and we’re all thrilled to go after it.

Jane Geddes, U.S. Women’s Open champion (1986)

  • “Last night was really exciting. I think what was really cool was to hear John [Bodenhamer] talk about all the detail and thought that went into every piece of the trophy; I would have never known. Everyone is really excited about the championship, and anything that has ‘U.S. Open’ on it is a really big deal. To be a part of the inaugural event is special and we have a responsibility to be supportive and set the stage for years to come.”

Ellen Port, U.S. Senior Women’s Amateur (2012, 2013, 2016) and U.S. Women’s Mid-Amateur (1995, 1996, 2000, 2011) champion

“Last night’s event was really, really special. The older you get, the more respect you have for the traditions, the history and the women who have come before you. An Open championship of any nature is special, and put the USGA in front of it, and you have the best of both worlds.”